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Autostar Motorhome Group is a group to help Autostar dealers promote new and used Autostar motorhomes. In addition, to provide a place for Autostar owners to discuss any Autostar topics. Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information.

Autostar is a French manufacturer and can trace its brands beginning way back in the 70s. In fact, back then the Star caravan company had up to 350 people working for them in Trémuson near St-Brieuc. Autostar was one of the major builders of caravans to revolutionize the construction method. A Trigano Group company for some time has taken the Autostar brand forward, from very humble beginnings.

Autostar Motorhome Group.

In 1973, during the Paris Air Show for the first time they displayed a new concept “ISO-STAR”. In fact, this new technology would mark a turning point in the design of recreational vehicles. Virtually it transformed the way caravans were going to be constructed. In fact, it was a simple aluminum sheet and glass wool. Thereafter, all manufacturers would have to look into this new manufacturing. The reference name became more commonly called a”sandwich panel”.

Autostar Today.

Today we find Autostar still involved in its “genetic” heritage, with many new developments online today. The fact remains that all are inspired by the increasing demands of our customers. For many customers more comfort and guarantees means continuing the journey with Autostar. Today, Autostar is a manufacturer with a national network of high-end Fiat motorhome dealership selling its products.