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Auto-Sleeper Motorhome Group 

Auto-Sleeper motorhome group has dealers in the UK and Europe promoting new and used Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. In addition, Auto-Sleeper owners to discuss online many Auto-Sleeper topics. Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information. Joining any good group is always useful, to gain information and tips from genuine Auto-Sleeper owners.

Trigano Group

Autosleepers has a long history of developing great coachbuilt motorhomes. Also, leading the way with many different ideas in the way they carry out van conversions. Being one of the earliest van converters, using the Peugeot Boxer van and the Fiat cab option with comfortmatic gearbox. Today, the luxury coachbuilt Autosleeper Mercedes Benz adds glamour to the range. No doubt, some one of the reasons for the French Trigano Group to acquire Autosleeper and its retail arm Marquis Leisure in 2017.

Auto-Sleeper Models

In addition, to developing an extensive coachbuilt range based on the Peugeot chassis. Thus, they produce an AL KO chassis version with a range called the Corinium. To complete a very extensive line up they convert both Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato vans.

Their excellent van conversion range has a comfort matic Fiat option for those requiring an Automatic transmission. Auto-Sleeper used motorhomes, are always in demand and remain a popular choice.

So, with an extensive dealer network, Auto-Sleeper have dealers in the UK, Germany, Thailand and New Zealand. Now with the scope to utilize the power of the French group Trigano the brand is set to grow.

Auto Sleepers Ltd

There are many used autosleeper motorhomes 2017, and before advertised, along with those popular autosleeper vw campervans. There is no doubt that the auto sleepers trevelyan family, started the whole thing off.

Today we see a vast range of autosleeper mercedes benz motorhomes. From the popular autosleeper bourton, autosleeper malvern, both outstanding Auto-Sleeper luxury motorhomes.

Travel right back, to take a look at the autosleeper executive, always a favourite motorhome, with its unique monocoque, motorhome made body. They never seam to ware out! Also, today we find many autosleeper new models, with peugeot autosleeper for sale remaining a top choice. So, dont miss out, look for the autosleeper review and enjoy.

Auto-Sleeper Motorhome Group

Auto-Sleepers have been building Autosleeper motorhomes in the Cotswold UK for over 56 years. Being a long established motorhome manufacturer, provides a wealth of experience.

Autosleeper Mercedes

The Autosleeper Mercedes range takes in fixed and single beds, based on the Autosleeper Burford and Autosleeper Burford Duo models. All the Mercedes Benz range have excellent bathrooms, kitchens and interior fixtures and fittings.

With an entrance smaller model the Autosleeper Stanton alongside the Autosleeper Malvern and Autosleeper Winchcombe, all are very sought after.

Autosleeper Coachbuilt

With Peugeot chassis and Fiat cab options for the other coachbuilts. In addition, an AL KO chassis on the Autosleeper Corinium range.

Autosleeper Van Conversions

With Peugeot chassis and Fiat cab options for the van conversions range. Award winning conversions like the Autosleeper Symbol and Autosleeper Fairford.

Auto-Sleeper motorhome group

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