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ARCA Motorhome Group.

ARCA Motorhome Group is a group to help ARCA dealers promote new and used ARCA motorhomes. In addition, to provide a place for ARCA owners to discuss any ARCA topics. Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information. Looking at the many different European brand this Italian brand stands out.

ARCA Motorhome Group History.

ARCA is renowned for its great passion for open-air tourism and is typically Italian. So, looking back it was first introduced  in 1959, between Rome and Pomezia. In fact, that is where it all begins the story of ACRA, the first company in Italy to begin producing leisure vehicles! An exciting path has since been well trod from it’s first steps. Much of which has been thanks to a clear and defined identity.

Now Part of Trigano Group.

Over the years, the exclusive Italian style, the long traditions, all creating unique construction elements. In fact, all of these things have ensured the success of ACRA. There is a clear product recognizable everywhere in the motorhome world, Providing technique, elegance and class. ARCA soon became synonymous with refinement, practicality, functionality and comfort. ARCA is part of the leading French Trigano Group.


Quality Made in Italy.

However, Arca does not stop in the past and continues on its path through a present open to new perspectives. Also, continuing to renew itself but, keeping past, present and future. All the values ​​for which are Arca are maintained and this does not compromise all the product’s values.

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