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Adria Motorhome Group

Adria Motorhome Group is a group to help Adria dealers promote new and used Adria motorhomes. In addition, to provide a place for Adria owners to discuss any Adria topics.

Ideal, for finding offers on services and helpful tips and information. Adria Mobil are one of the leading European motorhome manufacturers. Also, a large maker of caravans and mobile homes.

Adria Motorhome Group History

So, it all began way back in 1965 when the first caravan  was made. This was the famous Adria 375  and was manufactured in Novo mesto.  In fact, as time moved on the first exports were sold in Sweden. Thereafter, Adria’s products have been sold to many other European markets.

Adria Motorhomes Dealers

Today, you will find a large number of Adria motorhome dealers on hand to support the franchise and brand. Also, from that Adria Mobil have gained an extensive knowledge and experience.

Therefore, developing the marketing of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. Thus the Adria brand name drew the attention of the Trigano Group in 2017, a takeover took place. Also, Adria motorhome reviews provides an insight into the pedigree of the brand.

Adria Slovenia now in conjunction with Trigano provides an exceptional brand that will no doubt develop even more leisure vehicles.

Adria Motorhomes for Sale

This places the Adria brand with even more opportunities. Opening up other European caravanning and motorhome markets. The motto remains simple Adria Mobil – living in motion.

Adria Models

With an extensive range of outstanding motorhomes all with excellent layouts and designs. Thus, the designs appeal to even the most demanding motorhome owners. Available throughout Europe and the UK they really do stand out, hence their popularity.

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