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Trigano Group.

Well, who are the Trigano group? Quite simply they are a French company that has a very large share of the European motorhome and leisure market. That being said they are now very much in the UK motorhome manufacturer business. Because, they took control of Auto-Sleeper in the UK with a controlling share in January 2017. Therefore, now the Trigano group has motorhome and van conversions manufacturing by owning the Auto Trail brand in Grimsby, on the east coast in the UK. So, it does not stop there they also took control of Marquis Leisure the retail arm of Auto-Sleeper in the UK. Marquis has currently 12 branches in the UK selling other leading brand names such as Elddis motorhomes. Therefore, selling alongside, Benimar and Mobilvetta, just some of the other brands of the Trigano group.

Trigano Group motorhome brands.

So, here is the current brand names that the Trigano Group owns; Adria, Notin, Autostar, Oxygen, Font Vendôme, Challenger, Chausson, ARCA, Tribute, THIS, Rimor, Eura Mobil, Auto-Trail, Kentucky, Elnagh, Benimar, XGOs, Mc Louis, Karmann-Mobil, Mobilvetta and Roller Team. In fact, being very into leisure they also have other leading caravan and trailer brand names; Caravelair, The Mancelle, Raclet, Sterckeman, Trigano, Trailer Tents, Sublime, R Premium Rubis and Silver.

A leisure group of outstanding services.

Online accessories and tents right through to outdoor habitat including the Trigano Residences, TRIGANO Hotels of Plein Air. This really is a force to be reckoned with when it comes down to leisure products. The leisure services extend into motorhome rental with TROIS SOLEILS (partner of Hertz) in France and DRM in Germany. There are also the mobile residences with MISTERCAMP. There is the trailer manufacturing and the Trigano Store and online leisure shopping experience not to be missed.

Trigano have a great Facebook page.

In fact, that has lots of good information about events and things going on. So, why not link to them and keep up to date? Also, we have a Facebook page @usedmotorhomesforsale an ideal place to sell an Auto-Sleeper motorhome.

Auto-Sleepers are one of the oldest UK motorhome manufacturers in the UK. Now a part of the Trigano organisation. So, this provides Auto-Sleeper with a huge opportunity to develop the UK brand that has been going for over fifty four years.

For the latest news on the Trigano Group there is a corporate information website that has all of the latest Trigano Group. So, where did it all begin? Way back in 1935 when the Trigano family began selling under the Trigano brand name. Because, the people in France were able to take paid holidays for the first time! Quite simply, Trigano supplied them with their first tents. In those very early days of camping, who would have thought that this would lead to Trigano staying in leisure related products.

Trigano History.

So, Raymond Trigano and his sons formed the Trigano company, selling camping and sports goods. Consequently, this lead to establishing a caravan business in 1971. As with most growing companies they ran into financial difficulties, and Crédit Lyonnais took control of Trigano in 1974. This lead to the company becoming private in 1987. The current Chairman François Feuillet, joined Trigano in 1981. Thus, the company was floated on the stock market in 1998 and has grown with acquisitions of leading brands ever since.

For the latest news on the Trigano Group.

So, there is a corporate information website that has all of the latest Trigano Group. Also, for keeping up to date with the Trigano Group, as there would appear that there is never a dull moment. In fact, here is the latest message from the Trigano Chairman. There is a lot of current information on the Trigano Facebook pages as well.

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