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For the latest news on the Trigano Group there is a corporate information website that has all of the latest Trigano Group. So, where did it all begin? In fact, way back in 1935 when the Trigano family began selling under the Trigano brand name.

Because, the people in France were able to take paid holidays for the first time! Quite simply, Trigano supplied them with their first tents. Also, in those very early days of camping, who would have thought that this would lead to Trigano staying in leisure related products.

Trigano Group History

So, Raymond Trigano and his sons formed the Trigano company, selling camping and sports goods. Consequently, this lead to establishing a caravan business in 1971. So, as with most growing companies they ran into financial difficulties, and Crédit Lyonnais took control of Trigano in 1974.

Therefore, leading to the company becoming private in 1987. The current Chairman François Feuillet, joined Trigano in 1981. Thus, the company was floated on the stock market and has grown with acquisitions of leading brands ever since.

The question is why has François Feuillet been able to revolutionise the Europe motorhome and leisure sectors for the last thirty years? Feuillet gained control of Trigano in 1986, listing the company on the French stock exchange. Then via an acquisitions policy, that still continues today, the Trigano Group has grown.

With a 57.8% of the Trigano Group’s shares, a multi million euro turnover and branches in European countries and North Africa. The Trigano Group remains, somewhat unstoppable.

Trigano Models

With such an extensive range of motorhomes available from its many different motorhome manufacturers. Thus, the Trigano Group has an outstanding tradition of buying motorhome manufacturers.

So, with that goes the development of excellent models and layouts. In fact, they have other leisure related businesses from trailers, caravans, trailer tents, motorhome accessories and a motorhome finance arm. Truly outstanding motorhomes from this French group are sold all over Europe.


Trigano have a great Facebook page

In fact, that has lots of good information about events and things going on. So, why not link to them and keep up to date? Also, we have a Facebook page @usedmotorhomesforsale an ideal place to sell an Auto-Sleeper motorhome.

Auto-Sleepers are one of the oldest UK motorhome manufacturers in the UK. Now a part of the Trigano organisation. So, being part of Trigano UK, provides Auto-Sleeper with a huge opportunity to develop the UK brand. In fact, Auto-Sleeper has been going for over fifty four years.  From Trigano tents, Trigano camping to Trigano motorhomes the story goes on.

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