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So, Auto sleeper motorhomes are in the Cotswold’s and are a British motorhome manufacturer. Hence, they have a vast experience in motorhome construction. Thus, with outstanding designs in motorhomes, van conversions and campervans. Also, they have been producing motorhomes for over 50 years. The Autosleeper Group own Marquis Leisure the UK’s largest dealer group. So sometimes known as Auto-Sleeper or Autosleeper and Autosleepers. Thus designing award winning motorhomes. In fact using the experience of a bespoke motorhome manufacturing.

Why Auto Sleeper motorhomes?

In addition, they have award winning luxury motorhomes and carry out Mercedes-Benz van conversions. Hence, using the Mercedes-Benz chassis in the luxury range. In addition, using Peugeot chassis for coach-built and van conversions. Also working with Mercedes Benz on the luxury motorhome side. The Auto Sleeper group are now are part of the Trigano group, the brand goes from strength to strength. Being one of the UK’s longest established brands.

Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes

In fact, you will find Auto-Sleeper motorhomes in the Cotswold, in the UK. 54 years old and going strong. Also, this is a super location and premises ideal for manufacturing, award winning motorhomes. In fact, Auto-Sleeper produce outstanding motorhomes of excellence. Coachbuilt Ranges ALKO Cocahbuit Luxury Motorhomes Van Conversion. Mercedes Benz Peugeot Fiat So, the new Auto-Sleeper and second hand Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, are very popular purchses. Auto Sleepers Trevelyan Family First introduced by the Trevelyan family (for a French holiday)! Now, [...]

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