Selling Motorhomes

Selling Motorhomes

So, that day arrives for selling motorhomes and you decide that selling your motorhome, has got to happen.

Maybe, it is just the fact that you really do need a change. (part exchange if buying again)

There are 2 questions, 1, how to sell a motorhome privately 2, selling a motorhome where is best?

Selling privately may get you a good price!

Selling a motorhome from home may not be the best solution.

You may have decided to hang up your motorhome boots.

It maybe, a case that you discover, that holidays in a motorhome are not for you.

Selling Motorhomes Tips

In fact, there are many reasons, you might want to sell your motorhome.

Therefore, if the reason for selling is that you want to buy a newer model and upgrade, then you need a plan.

That sales process is all about getting a good price, either by private sale or in part exchange.

Also, that time comes around that you want to downsize.

So, you are looking to buy a smaller motorhome, that is more economical.

Thus, whatever your reasons, you might find it helpful to follow some tips on how to sell your motorhome.

Selling Motorhomes

In fact, the idea is to target as many potential buyers as possible.

In addition, to letting even friends and relatives know that you want to sell your motorhome.

Obtaining a good price is what anyone selling wants to achieve.

So, this is not exactly what a buyer wants!

However, there is always middle ground to negotiate a sale.

Therefore, getting that sales enquiry is the priority that you need that first advert to do.

Placing An Advert

selling motorhomesMaking sure that you describe your motorhome as best as possible.

Not just buy my motorhome!

Think who buys motorhomes!

Therefore, this is a good starting point to describe what you have for sale.

See where other motorhomes are advertised for sale.

However, make sure that you accurately describe your motorhome.

So, do not “egg the pudding”so to speak.

Make any known faults crystal clear to any buyer.

Listing your motorhome in a local newspaper;

This may not cut the mustard in this day and age.

Also, just putting a card in the newsagent’s window;

That will be like trying to win the lottery.

Sell My Motorhome

In fact, look at the numerous motorhome listings websites online;

Auto Trader, Practical motorhomes, eBay, MMM and Gumtree all have motorhomes for sale.

The fact is, using the internet will considerably help target potential buyers.

Also, join forums on social media and owners clubs;

So, all good places place your motorhome for sale details.

Preparing a Motorhome For Sale

selling motorhomesNot least, make sure that your motorhome;

Is in tip top condition.

Habitation services and documents need to be up to date;

This will enhance your motorhomes buying appeal.

So, get that MOT test done if it needs one.

Also, take the opportunity to have a spring clean;

Tidy your motorhome ready for any inspection.

It goes without saying, that attention needs to be paid to the interior.

However, do not overlook the exterior!

In addition, have you looked at the roof lately?

In fact, many people hang out the bedroom window and try and clean the roof!

So, before you do that and risk life and limb, consider a professional valet.

Cleaning That Motorhome

There, are mobile valeting companies out there.

A £60 to £100 pounds investment, could put a £1,000 on your screen price.

Still, while you are at it clear out all the rubbish, clutter and especially debris from the fridge.

That moldy cheese smell, is not going to help you sell your motorhome!

Now if you have had a habitation service, all normal maintenance should have been done.

Leave Nothing to Chance!

So, get a check list together and start by checking that the grey water outlets drain properly.

Next, find those spare keys and check that the locks are in good working order.

Any alarms and safety features all need testing especially, smoke detectors, are the batteries flat, do you have spare ones?

Now where is that triangle and lighting bulb set?

Has anyone checked the spare wheel lately?

What about the fix and go stuff is it a new one?

Two brand new high vis jackets hanging neatly in the wardrobe will be a nice touch!

Making the Details Count

Do not leave things to chance;

So, get a folder together to show a buyer the maintenance and care you have had done.

In fact, this is about demonstrating, the used motorhome for sale, has been your pride and joy!

So, the end goal is to impress upon any buyer that everything is in working order.

For example, you may not have a gas tank, so check that the gas cylinder is full enough.

Also, fill the water tank and test the all the electrics and appliances.

So, make sure the toilet cassette has been emptied and the recommended chemicals have been added.

Having spare new containers of cleaners available in the deal, all shows good will.

Used Motorhomes For Sale

Make sure that you demonstrate the layout of your motorhome.

Show how easy has been designed to offer easy lounge and living space, easy bed conversions and winding down the awning.

Just step inside and look what a potential buyer sees, especially when first entering the motorhome.

Yes, that electric step and light needs to be working properly!

Do, the overhead lockers close easy?

Remember, storage is an important part of buying any motorhome.

Also, while you are at it make those curtains neat in their tiebacks and straighten those cushions.

Leave nothing to chance, a little extra pledge on that table will not go a miss!

Do not forget those extras as they will enhance the motorhomes description, make sure they work.

Motorhome Documentation

Proving who you are and that you own the motorhome currently is important.

So, get that folder together now! Because, no one in their right mind will buy a motorhome without documents!

In addition, to service records clearly, you need to have the log book, or V5C, to hand.

Therefore, any buyer there and then, may check the details against the motorhome.

Also, do not let anyone take a copy or photograph as they may be not who you think they are!

Any potential buyer, may be taking the first step in stealing yours and your motorhome identity!

Remember, that if your motorhome is more than three years old, you also need a valid MOT.

Motorhome on Finance

If your motorhome is on finance then tell the buyer!

Any buyer worth their salt, should have an HPI (hire purchase investigation) check on your motorhome for sale.

Therefore, it may be worth you having one done to show the buyer good faith!

If you are that buyer, never let the owner settle the finance after the event.

Sort it out that you the buyer settles the finance with the owners and finance companies processes.

Also, your buyer may need motorhome finance there is lots of information online.

Done Deal Now What?

Only you can make the process of selling your motorhome more straight forward.

Also, as they say you only need one buyer to get that sold sticker on it.

However, it remains your motorhome until all the loose ends are completed.

Remember, the motorhome is yours until that money is in your bank account.

Also, you need to make sure the change of ownership details and documentation are complete.

Otherwise those parking tickets may well be landing through your letterbox!

However, like selling your house it may still seem like a daunting task.

New Motorhome New Name

Just get over to a buyer this is your pride and joy and you want it to go to a good home!

After that “done deal now what”?

You know you will miss Daisy, Fred or Florence those motorhome names live on!

How about start out all over again and buy another one?

So, what are we going to call him this time?

Hey don’t be stupid it is a lady “Alice the Auto-Sleeper”!


Last Resort 

So, you have advertised it and had every tyre kicker round to see it and still not sold!

Do not despair try the we buy any motorhomes service.

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