NEC Motorhome Show

//NEC Motorhome Show

NEC Motorhome Show

NEC Motorhome Show.

The NEC motorhome show holds two motorhome shows indoors. Accordingly at the NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham in the UK. In fact, the NEC motorhome shows are the UK motorhome and caravan industry’s main events. So, another season looms for the caravan camping and motorhome show 2016. Hence, the NEC show dates are in February and October of each year. So, with many of the stands from the motorhome manufacturers. The NEC motorhome show tends to attract visitors from near and far.  So, there are displays for any motorhome or campervan enthusiasts to see.

NEC Motorhome Shows.

Also, with new motorhome model launches and following on from the NEC motorhome show 2015. This year’s show should be a blockbuster event. Therefore, motorhome manufacturers like on the UK’s Auto Sleeper stand will enjoy those show moments. In addition, to staff from the Autosleeper dealer network like those from the Autosleeper centre will be in attendance.

Fantastic Selection of Stands.

Thus including motorhome accessories and see the latest gadgets. Thus, this is also a great day out for the family. In addition, the motorhome manufacturers have their dealers representing them on their stands. Also, this has become a focal point for motorhome sales to take place. Show history. So, may motorhome owners go to  NEC Motorhome Shows and stay-over. Hence, the February show marks the beginning of the motorhome season. Also, you will find new model introductions are on show display.

Family Day Out.

In addition, run out models are often available with great deals. So, indoor shows are great events and weather proof to and a great day out. Hence, the NEC motorhome show is an ideal location. So, easy to get to right in the centre of the UK and close to Birmingham International airport. In fact, just off the main motorway links to the North and South. Also, there is a railway link right into the centre.

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