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Motorhomes Caravans Thailand Co Ltd

So, the Motorhomes Caravans Thailand Co Ltd is a venture for Auto-Sleeper in Thailand. In fact, this is an exciting one as well. Thus, Auto-Sleeper motorhomes a good fit. Therefore, no doubt seeing the enormous potential of travelling in Thailand in an Auto-Sleeper motorhome.

Auto-Sleeper in Thailand

Mr Wirach Chitsamankhun and Mr Sitticheep Somkearti, have spent the last 5 years building up their expertise in motorhomes and caravans. In fact, this has been done alongside running their existing businesses. Finding Auto-Sleepers to be an ideal fit for the motorhome market in Thailand.

Exciting Times in Thailand

David Williams, Auto-Sleeper Sales Director, commented: “Thailand is an amazing Country with an incredible culture, which represents a huge opportunity for Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Also, after witnessing first hand the impeccable standards Mr Wirach and Mr Sitticheep are working to. Therefore, we are understandably very proud that they have chosen Auto-Sleeper motorhomes to be the backbone of their new venture. Also, we look very much looking forward to working closely with them in the exciting years ahead”.

Motorhomes and Caravans Thailand Ltd

With plans to develop the sales of Auto-Sleeper this is going to include opening a brand new showroom. In addition, they will be attending shows and events to promote motorhome travel in Thailand.

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Motorhomes Caravans Thailand Co Ltd. 

967 Moo 8, Bangphli-Tamru Road,

Bangpu Mai, Muangsamutprakarn.

Samutprakarn 10280.

Motorhomes Caravans Thailand Co Ltd

Motorhomes Caravans Thailand Co Ltd

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