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Seeing modern motorhome dealerships like Urbano Motorhomes Belgium, they have a great business and a following on social media. So, why not consider joining them and following them? Great businesses are driven by great people and Urbano Motorhomes are no exception. From motorhome sales to rental, join them on their quest in helping customers with sales and rentals in Belgium and beyond.

Urbano Motorhomes Belgium Number One

An outstanding motorhome dealer in Belgium, for sales, rentals and service, Urbano Motorhomes Belgium provide a top class service. Based at two locations in Oostende and Aarschot. Urbarno provide a wide range of rental services, all geared to providing outstanding motorhome holidays.

Specialising in motorhome holiday rentals and provide full rental and after sales support. Sales come from 10 franchises of which 8 are exclusive to Urbano Motorhomes Belgium. Outstanding services, from an outstanding dealer.

Thinking of taking a holiday motorhome rental? So, look no further, as Urbano Motorhomes Belgium is the place to book a motorhome rental with. Looking to buy a motorhome? Always a huge selection available. Part exchanges and help available at all times.

Motorhome Rental Holidays

For left hand drive vehicles and a great service, contact Urbano, you will not be dissapointed. Start your holiday rental from Urbano and you will find what service is all about.

Urbano can be found and is literally at the end of the runway of Oostende airport. Not far from all of the main routes and only 70 miles from Rotterdam. Also, within easy driving reach of Zeebrugge.

Ideal to take the Eurostar service from London to Brussels and connect onto the train network into Belgium. Stay over in Brugge and then go on to Urbano motorhomes and collect your motorhome rental. The holiday then really does begin into Europe and beyond.

A Video About Urbano Motorhomes Belgium

Take the tour and see what Urbano Motorhomes Belgium is all about. Celebrating 40 years in business, that says they are doing most things very well! With new showrooms being built, the journey goes on!

Such a finely tuned set of services, from sales to rentals and full after sales service and repairs. Everything needed for motorhome holidays in Europe starts right here with the Urbano experience. Excellent staff providing excellent services.

Urbano Motorhomes Oostende

An insight into the activities at Urbano Motorhomes Oostende operations. Take a look at all the services, inspect the displays and different models. If you have time stayover in Oostende and enjoy the Belgium hospitality. Places to stay locally and enjoy the whole experience of a motorhome holiday. Take a look round the Urbano experience and enjoy the motorhomes and displays.

Urbano Motorhomes Belgium

When it comes down to brands then Urbano motorhomes Belguim has a great selection. Celebrating 40 years of exceptional service, the Urbano success story continues.

With any exceptional motorhome dealer, there is always the brand awareness and the after sales service that takes a dealer to another level. Urbano motorhomes Belguim are at an even higher level of service thany many in their field.

With such an array of top brands for sale you may well be spoiled for choice. Many of the brands on display are an exclusive brand only available at Urbano motorhomes Belguim. The brands are;

  1. Autostar (exclusive brand).
  2. Bavaria (exclusive brand).
  3. Carthago.
  4. Challenger.
  5. Eura Mobil (exclusive brand).
  6. Laika (exclusive brand).
  7. Mobilvetta (exclusive brand).
  8. Notin (exclusive brand).
  9. Randger (exclusive brand).
  10. Roller Team (exclusive brand).
  11. Our Website.

Motorhome Dealer In Belguim

Discover the Notin range in our showrooms in Oostende and Aarschot. We are open 7/7 and look forward to seeing you. Book with us for an appointment to see all of our motorhomes on display. Notin are a large player in the recreational vehicle market here in Europe.

Especially, in the field of motorhomes, where Notin excels. An excellent franchise to hold and here at Urbano Motorhomes Belgium, we love the support and feedback from our Notin customers.

Notin Motorhomes Video

Notin a leading brand video, all about one of Urbano Motorhomes favourite brand of motorhomes.

Key Brands Urbano Motorhomes Belgium

All brands are important to the customers and there are very specialist brands. Either, because Urbano Motorhomes Belgium sells so many of them or some, that are exclusive to Urbano Motorhomes Belgium.

Many brands that are held by Urbano Motorhomes Belgium, are part of the Trigano Group. Being one of Europe’s largest motorhome manufacturer owners. Trigano is a French group, that owns a large number of leading motorhome brands throughout Europe. Such as;

  • Autostar

Autostar is a French manufacturer beginning in the 70s. In fact, back then the Star caravan company had up to 350 people working for them in Trémuson near St-Brieuc. Autostar were builders of caravans to revolutionize the construction method. Now a Trigano Group company, taking the Autostar brand forward, a motorhome manufacturer that Urbano Motorhomes Belgium enjoys representing.

  • Eura Mobil

In 1959 Eura mobil was better known as Blessing KG the company made caravans! Today the company is a Trigano group brand that has a to role to play in the Urbano Motorhomes Belgium story. It has come a very long way from the Blessing caravans days. In 1983 the company started the construction of motorhomes and a change of name to Eura Mobil GmbH. As they say the rest is history.

  • Mobilvetta

Mobilvetta tells a story way of being born in the sixties as furniture manufactures! It has developed many things that now still make Mobilvetta stand out. Clearly a stylish brand in the ownership of the Trigano group. Urbano Motorhomes Belgium shares in the same vision and product philosophy, as Mobilvetta. That a recreational vehicle is not just a well-equipped product, but, a real “travelling home”!

  • Notin

Notin is a motorhome specialist based in the Loire, central-eastern France, They were established in 1921! Working with Urbano Motorhomes Belgium both have forged a close relationships. Again a Trigano Group company. Constantly working on innovative solutions that deliver what customers want to buy or rent. Also, offering motorhomes that offer unbeatable value for money.

Motorhome Rentals

Yes, you will be in good hands, if a motorhome holiday is what you are looking for. Urbano motorhomes Belgium, rent out motorhomes all year round. What is so good is the locations for pick up and drop off.

The helpful Urbano rental staff, make sure that you motorhome rental adventure is stress free as possible. Nothing is left to chance from booking to collection and returning the motorhome.

Motorhome Servicing and Repairs

Being a very busy multi franchise dealer, calls for excellent after sales services. All of the repairs and servicing are carried out by skilled technicians  and are fully manufacturer trained as well.

Full backup for rental is in place, support on any breakdowns or roadside assistance. Urbano after sales staff are on hand, should anything go wrong.

Your guarantee is the support and expertise provide by Urbano at all times. Nothing is left to chance and all the services makes peace of mind for a customer, a certainty.

40 Years at Urbano Motorhomes Belgium

Celebrating the 40th year in business,  for Urbano Motorhomes Belgium, this has been an amazing achievement, This year that 40th anniversary finds us building a completely new showroom in Aarschot.

The business really has taken off and has grown over those 40 years! Urbano Motorhomes Belgium, thank all our customers old and new. Also, we continue to expand our client base in the French region of Belgium.

Both, in selling and renting motorhomes from our bases in Aarschot and Oostende in Belguim. Whatever you need, Urbano Motorhomes Belgium are on hand to help you, to rent or buy a motorhome just ask.

Yes, 40 Years in Business

Urbano Motorhomes Belguim

Video of Challenger Motorhomes

Come and discover the Challenger motorhomes range in our showrooms in Ostend and Aarschot. Open 7/7, we would love to show customers around these magnificent well designed motorhomes. We love to see our customers reaction, when they firs step inside a Challenger motorhome.

Video of Carthago Motorhomes

Motorhomes from Carthago are a unique combination of cozy living atmosphere. On sale here with Urbano Motorhomes Belgium. They are one of the highest functionality motorhomes sold and top-class technology. Step into a Carthago motorhome and you immediately feel at home.

Urbano Oostende – Urbano Motorhomes Belgium

Urbano Oostende

Torhoutsesteenweg 581

B-8400 Oostende


+32 (0) 59 554 000

eMail; info@urbano.Be

Urbano Aarschot – Urbano Motorhomes Belgium

Urbano Aarschot

Ter heidelaan 51

B-3200 Aarschot


+32 (0) 16 35 9440

eMail: aarschot@urbano.Be

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