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A simple way for getting that message to customers, via motorhome podcasts, all you have to do is listen! We believe that more customers want to know more details about motorhomes and campervans. So, for example with a podcast a salesperson can keep in touch with a customer and help other customers to find what they need to know. A very powerful inexpensive way of getting motorhome marketing to work well!

Next Generation Motorhome Podcasts

We carry out podcasts with our many customers like motorhome dealers and their key staff. We like to go for a topical questions and answers that we think helps everyone involved. For us it is a great way of keeping in touch with our customers.

For customers this is a great way to listen to informative questions that can help. Especially, when there are special offers and promotions that are available. Our aim has been to promote and help our wide range of customers.

In return they have motorhome marketing tools available to help their customers so we all win, win. The fact remains that we may well generate leads from our various forms on motorhome marketing. However, in the end the motorhome buyer will decide the dealer to buy from.

Motorhome Podcasts Reviews

Our next motorhome podcast is due to take place shortly with:

  • Questions for podcast with Mr Joe Clark

They V21 productions team have won design awards for innovative marketing ideas, Being a relative newcomer to the motorhome marketing place. We introduced them to the idea of VR (virtual reality) on motorhomes and they did an excellent job.

Motorhomes being promoted by any form of media is high on our agenda. So, we though no better candidate to conduct our very first podcast than to see what they make of motorhomes and campervans.

Opinions from the leading edge of marketing are all good feedback. The can be found on Facebook and Twitter and their website.

Motorhome Podcasts Questions

Our dirty dozen questions on our podcast. All to dig in to what people think and what is working.

Hi Joe

  1. what do you see the future for motorhome videos?
  2. having done VR (virtual Reality) on motorhomes, do you think customers have been impressed?
  3. motorhome are expensive do you think the VR will help customers in deciding their budget?
  4. how do you see conventional advertising interacting with VR?
  5. does conventional advertising have a future?
  6. demand is growing for media advertising will v21 keep up?
  7. buying from motorhome dealers does the website influence the choice?
  8. what has been your largest project to date?
  9. do you do other leisure related projects?
  10. taking motorhomes with VR did you find any issues? Location for example.
  11. online information attached to VR working for dealers?
  12. what are the key SEO functionality of VR assisting in motorhome marketing?

Is Virtual Reality The Answer?

Well leading manufacturer Frankia motorhomes, believes so and uses VR (virtual reality) to show customers their motorhomes. Walking round the motorhome in 3d, has to be helpful for anyone buying a motorhome. Accompanied by a podcast broadcast has to add value as well.

Motorhome Podcasts Enquiries

We conduct most of our motorhome podcasts online. So, there are no heavy recording costs. However, they work really well with a VR (virtual reality) tour to add information that a customer can follow. This usually then leads to a customer registering and requesting more information.

Looking For Enquiries

Looking to buy a Motorhome or Campervan then consider how are we able to help you? This is a universal enquiry form so, just complete what you need to know and submit it to us here at Motorhomes Campervans. We will be back to you ASAP.
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Virtual Reality In Action

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