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Advertisements to promote the many different motorhome insurance services (mis). There are many motorhome insurance services to consider;

  1. Warranties (mechanical and habitation).
  2. Mechanical (failure of components).
  3. Breakdowns (roadside assistance).
  4. GAP cover on finance (difference in residual and outstanding balance)
  5. Cycle insurance cover (excellent cover for bikes).
  6. Motorhome insurance (cover for motorhomes).

As with any form of insurance only deal with an;

  • FCA (financial conduct authority) approved persons.
motorhome insurance services

Motorhome Warranties

For a motorhome warranty quote online contact;

  • Cover My Wheels.
  • 0800 0721 203.
  • Quote motorhome
  • An ideal port of call to check out motorhome warranty.
  • Other motorhome insurances.

Motorhome warranty cover;

  • For mechanical failure.
  • White goods
  • Fittings in the habitation area.
  • 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

Cover Scope

  • 24 hour customer service.
  • Claims helpline
  • Homestart cover/engineer call-out at home
  • Mechanical & electrical breakdown of fixed appliances
  • Central heating system/gas boiler
  • Bathroom fittings, sanitary ware and plumbing
  • Continental use
  • Hotel accommodation vouchers
  • Water ingress cover
  • Optional Annual Service Plan
  • Optional Annual Breakdown Recovery UK and Continental Europe
  • Optional Road and Liability Insurance

Motorhome Breakdown Online

  • UK Cover 12 Months
  • UK Cover and European

Insured breakdown cover provides on receiving the breakdown call;

  • Qualified engineer will call the customer.
  • Diagnose what the problem may be.
  • If this can’t be resolved over the phone.
  • Approved NCC AWS engineer will visit the customer.
  • At the breakdown location or site or home.

(This replaces cover where a customer had to take the motorhome back to the supplying dealer)!

  • Saves the customer bringing the motorhome back to the supplier.
  • The cover extends to have it looked at and fixed on site.
  • In the unlikely event a repair or is not covered.
  • Or the customer cannot afford the repair.
  • Then the motorhome is returned to the owners home or storage location.

12 Month Policy

  • Full UK Cover and European Cover.
  • Covered 24/365 whether towing or not.
  • Annual multi-trip/long stay policy.
  • Homestart facility included.
  • No size or weight restrictions, any combination covered.
  • Misfuelling cover.
  • No patrols, just the right response vehicle every time.
  • No extra charge for specialist equipment if your outfit gets stuck on soft ground.
  • Dual recovery – to your destination and back home again.
  • Repatriation Cover for driver plus Six additional passengers.
motorhome insurance services

Cycle Insurance

Ideal for those of us who own a bicycle and need to have an in depth cover.

Cycle Insurance Cover

  • Protecting your bicycle.
  • Insured for you actions.
  • Cycle insurance cover.
  • Great cover and details.
  • Theft when bicycle is away from your home.
  • Theft of your bicycle from a motor vehicle.
  • Accidental damage to your bicycle.

Motorhome Insurance Services Reviews

Motorhome Insurance Cost Average

Compare motorhome insurance look at the cost average premiums.

  • The type of cover that is in place?
  • So, as they say the “devil is in the detail”.
  • Potential hidden costs are worth insuring.
  • Like legal claims liability limits.

Best Motorhome Insurance Forum

Motorhome insurance reviews and motorhome insurance comparison online.

  • Saga motorhome insurance.
  • Asda motorhome insurance.
  • Safeguard motorhome insurance.
  • Comfort motorhome insurance.
  • Motorhome insurance direct line.

Renting Motorhomes Involved in an Accident?

  • There may well be a large excess.
  • This often applies on a motorhome hire for example.
  • Also, motorhome GAP insurance.
  • Protects if you are borrowing money to buy a motorhome.

What if the residual value price does not cover the outstanding finance?

  • GAP insurance certainly will cover the outstanding balance.
  • Or go a long way to covering the difference in price.
  • The right insurance cover brings peace of mind with it!

Best Motorhome Insurance

Buying a motorhome one of the largest purchases; After buying a house!

Motorhomes are high cash values;

Driving a motorhome on the road is about confidence and peace of mind.

  • Best motorhome insurance forum worth a look.
  • Motorhome insurance comparison.
  • Motorhome insurance direct line.
  • Call them for a motorhome warranty quote on;

Motorhome Insurance Reviews Warranty

Check warranties on motorhome insurance reviews;

  • See what cover is available.
  • Other motorhome insurance services.
  • All are worth a looking at.
  • Comparing any insurance quotes.
  • Motorhome insurance services reviews online.
  • Make sure you compare like for like!
  • Certainly worth a second opinion.
  • Getting 1, or 2, quotes may suffice.
  • 3, or 4, quotes can do no harm!
  • Find cheap motorhome insurance policies.
  • Limitations excess, no claims bonus etc.
  • See what leading brand names have to offer.

Motorhome Insurance Over 50

Do not despair being over 50, may help obtain a lower premium.

There are specialists like Saga insurance who will be happy to quote you if over 55.

motorhome insurance services

Motorhome GAP Insurance

Most insurers only pay out the current market value of the vehicle, regardless of how much you paid for it.

Here is how Motorhome GAP works;

  • The difference could be thousands pounds.
  • Leaving a big shortfall to make up – especially if you bought your car brand new.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance covers your vehicle is stolen or written off by their insurer.

  • A difference between the price you paid for the motorhome and the amount being paid out.
  • Different claim limits are available from £5,000 up to £50,000, to cover.
  • So, the difference between the insurance payout, and the amount the vehicle was bought for.
  • Cover is provided for claims occurring in the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands.

Motorhome Excess

Excess Insurance is a policy that runs alongside your regular motor insurance, and covers the cost of your excess.

Here is how Motorhome Excess works;

  • Fully comprehensive and third party insurance almost always include an excess.
  • This is the first thing that’s deducted from the money you receive from a claim.
  • Depending on how much the excess is, this could leave you hundreds of pounds out of pocket.
  • Yes, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

A common tactic that insurers use, is to make the policy holder liable for as much as the first £500 to £1000 of the claim.

  • Therefore, this might entirely swallow a pay-out, making you think twice before you claim on your insurance.
  • This is where motorhome excess Insurance can help protect your situation.
  • Once the insurance company have agreed to settle.
  • The customer pays the excess as normal, and then just claim it back.

The cover of excess may result in an accidental damage claim, fire, theft or attempted theft.

  • Also, by having this protection you could increase the excess on your policy – which might reduce the premium.
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