/Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

So, Motorhome FAQ frequently asked questions have 1 or 2 points to remember. Hence, just drop us an email and we will try and help you further. In fact, motorhome FAQ is very wide ranging, so 1 question at a time please.

Hence, we answer anything from” can we take the dog” to “how do I find how the fridge works”.

What is the best value for money motorhome?

Thus, what is the best one for you that is the question? Also, this will determine what you need to look for. Also, to find value for money in the specification that you require.

Hence, the size of berths provides an insight to the values. How many seat belts is another consideration. Also, value for money may be in what are standard fittings.

Thus, many motorhomes are cheap in some ways. Specification is what determines the real value! In addition, that will the residual value be when you want to sell?

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked QuestionsHence, take a look on forums and read what owners have to say. Also, look at water ingress and damp issues.

Thus, check the details of warranties on offer.

So, read the small print the devil is in the detail!

Also, ask owners they are a helpful source of information!

Remember lap belts are not seat belts!

How do I find A good motorhome and Dealer?

No doubt, finding a good motorhome is all about research.

There are many online motorhomes for sale.

Searching by postcode is a way to find local dealers.

Also, good dealers will always provide any service to help you.

Therefore, all new and old customers will get answers to questions. Also, explain interesting points regarding the use of services.

So help you to choose the right vehicle for your family.

Points to remember- Motorhome FAQ.

Hence good dealers are the ones who go out of their way to help.

Also many have been dealers for a long time and have the experience that helps.

So take on board issues and sort them when they need to.

Also find out do they have a good after sales service available.

In addition helplines and online contact forms are good pointers.

Is it easy to drive a motorhome or campervan?

So, motorhomes and campervans are easy to drive. However, it depends on the overall length and width. Hence, now all new ones have power steering. Thus, many have rear sensors and reversing cameras are great.

Both are a great help when parking in tight spaces.

Like any new vehicle that you are driving for the first time.

Thus, once you have a feel for  to their size it becomes easy.

In relation to a car you will find them a joy to drive.

The more you drive them the easier it will become. Also, park using your mirrors and rear camera . In addition, campervans due to their size a lot easier to drive.

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked QuestionsMany motorhomes are higher than a standard car. Also, ensure that bridge you are about to go under is not to low.

So, know the height and width of your motorhome. In addition, overhanging over cabs also need to not be forgotten.

What license do I need to drive a motorhome?

Hence, any motorhomes weighing less than 3.5 tonnes maybe driven on an ordinary United Kingdom licence.

Also, on a valid European driving license.

Thus, driving in Europe have the correct insurance cover.

Also, take all documents with you and keep in a safe place.

Are reflective jackets for Europe?

It is now compulsory in many European countries.

When visiting motorists are to carry and wear reflective jackets.

Should I be in an accident awaiting recovery wear a reflective jacket.

Also, they are compulsory in Norway and Portugal.

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Thus, the jacket waistcoat must conform to EU Standards BS EN 471: 1994 Class 1 or 2.

So the UK AA recommends each vehicle carries at least two jackets.

Hence one for the driver and one for a passenger.

Do we need to carry a warning triangle?

Thus, the answer is yes as it is compulsory in many European countries. Also visiting motorists must carry a warning triangle. In addition, you should check this for the countries you are visiting. Thus, the illuminated triangle must be on display should you breakdown or are in an accident.

What documents should we take with us?

Accordingly certainly take a valid full driving license with paper counterpart. Also if you have a photo card license or an International driving permit when necessary. Hence take the original vehicle registration document. Also your motor insurance certificate. In fact your passport you may need a visa for certain countries.

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked QuestionsEnsure you have all documentation needed to comply. Hence the requirements of immigration, customs, health and other relevant regulations.

Also, you may have to to produce your documents at any time.

Therefore, avoid a police fine or confiscation of your vehicle.

So make sure that they are in order and always have them readily available for inspection.

Can we stop over anywhere?

Thus, where can I fill up and empty my tanks?

So, a good idea to buy guides with full information of sites.

Hence, car park guides are motorhome stopover (Aires) guides Europe countries operate motorhome stopover schemes.

Therefore, identifying parking areas where motorhomes can legitimately park.

In addition, for one or more nights where you are able to cook and sleep in your vehicle.

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Accordingly always carry a camping guide book for reference. Thus, do not park in unsafe places like hard shoulders of roads.

Also make sure yo do not block farmers access to animals.

In addition, look out for areas that flood play it safe.

Therefore, do not leave waste and litter behind you!

Sat Navigation System?

Also. what information you are looking for. In effect. the S900 Ventura Lite is a good example. Also. there are many others to look at as well. Thus. many specifically for campervans and motorhomes.

points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Sat navigation is a great thing to have if you have a signal. In addition, always take a map with you as back up.

In fact, sometimes Sat navigation takes you on out of date roads.

So, make sure that those toll roads are clear in your mind.

Are motorhomes and campervans economical?

Thus, some motorhomes offer excellent performance size and weight. Also, MPG returns varies according to their size.

So, different driving style and conditions do make a difference.

Also, expect 25 to 30 mpg from a 2.2 Turbo Diesel 5 berth. LPG has to be a good option with fuel prices.

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Also, consider a fuel card for ease of access. Thus, do not run on reserve tank because motorhomes are big to push.

In fact, if you run out of fuel get away from the motorhome.

Also, take your time filling up and ensure the fuel cap is secure.

In addition, have a locking fuel cap as fuel is expensive.

How many berths do we need?

How many passengers you want to travel with you? The size of your motorhome or campervan varies. In addition, it depends upon the number of people sleeping.

What layout shall we have?

Layouts differ between makes and models. Also, there are many different motorhome layouts to look at you.

So, you need to experience the feel of differing layouts.

Thus, end kitchen and bed layouts make a difference sometimes.

What size water and waste tanks do we need?

Motorhome FAQ Frequently Asked QuestionsSo, how big a shower do you want to take as this can determine the water tank capacity.

Also, tanks vary in size it will depend on how many berths.

Thus, the waste tanks (grey water) vary in the motorhome size.

Kitchen areas differ why is that?

European motorhomes layout may not have a large oven.

Therefore, Europeans cook outside on a barbecue in the sunshine.

Also, Europeans like garage space and smaller kitchens.

Hence, the microwave ovens are into the layouts.

Also, along with nice neat gas layout and ranges.

So, many kitchen layouts are smaller.

Also, English designs are for cooking that Sunday roast. Hence, the larger kitchens.

Also, the requirements of disabled people?

Thus, motorhomes can be for by all ages and abilities.

So, many are suitable as standard and others can be different conversions.

So, specialist disability extras that help for modifications for disabled people.

In addition, VAT exemptions are available in some cases.

Points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

If in doubt about VAT ask your local citizens advice. Just go online to HMRC website and read up on the issues.

Also, contact HMRC direct and ask them. Also, deal with a dealer who has done VAT reclaims before.

What is the best Satellite Dish?

There are many different best – selling satellite dishes available. In fact, even portable dishes are popular.

Hence, most are compact in size and are very easy to use. Also, it depends on what channels you want to pick up.

So, some motorhomes when new have media packs as extras.

So what is the best lighting?

LED lighting is now virtually standard on motorhomes. So, with many power saving devices now available and an extra leisure battery is a good idea. Thus, this can prove to be more than helpful on dark nights.

Therefore, having extra power will always be a winner. Thus, taking a spare hook up is also a good idea.

Which campsites offer electric hook-ups?

Some campsites do provide hook ups for electricity. It is always worth carrying a spare socket and lead. Also, campsites and pitches usually provide a 230 v supply. So, this would power most of the appliances.

However, many campsites tend to have maximum supplies. So, generally rated at 16 Amps or 10 Amps.

Also, sometimes as low as 5 Amps on campsites in Europe.

What is the best generator?

However, many costing more than just a few hundred pounds. In effect, your own power station with you a small one anyway. However, they do take up space but ideal to use in remote areas. Also, now solar power is really making a difference now.

So points to remember – Motorhome FAQ.

Thus, remember that most generators are noisy. Hence, there is no better way of annoying your fellow campers than the sound of a generator running all night.

Hence, solar power is now gaining in popularity more accurately photo-voltaic power.

How Do I participate in a VAT free scheme?

Only if you have a long-term illness or you are disable. You may not need to pay VAT when you buy a motorhome. Also, models that are your main car may also be exempt from car tax. Thus, HMCE requires suppliers to take reasonable steps to ensure that a disabled person is eligible for the relief.

Points to remember – Motorhomes FAQ.

Motorhome manufacturers require dealers to follow the recommended procedures. Accordingly, fitting ramps and clamps to allow wheelchair access.

Also, fitting of a wheelchair carrier and adaptations to the driving controls.

Therefore, the vehicle is visibly for the needs of the individual disable customer.

So, what is a habitation check?

Habitation checks are a good thing to have undertaken before the season starts have an annual habitation check. Also, look for National Caravan Council approval of workshops.

Thus, habitation checks look at safety.

Ventilation, fire safety, 12v electrics, mains electrics, water system, gas, body work and under body.

So do motorhomes need an MOT?

Having a motorhome service is just the same as a car. Hence, your vehicle will require an MOT test at three years old.

So, make sure the lights, brakes, steering are safe.

Thus, most dealers will undertake to do this for you.

So, ensure the service is in line with manufacturer’s times. Also, maintain the service history as this adds value when you come to sell it.

So please contact us “happy to help if we can”!

In addition, the motorhome FAQ is a free service and we want to help you.

Also, for motorhome owners FAQ is a quick way to find an answer.

In fact, you motorhome FAQ your motorhome journey starts here!

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