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Well, they say it takes 1 to know 1, however, what defines a motorhome blogger?

Maybe it is that elusion, dreaming of being that hippy who decided to drop out.

Alas, your long hair, in the wind, taking off into the sunset, down that pacific highway.

Hey man far out, (was i really that hippy)?

Having that essential look, with a great looking lady, sitting alongside you, in a pair of those skin tight shorts, white tea shirt and golden hair.

(maybe still dreaming here).

Surfboard on the roof, your national flag fluttering out of the window.

Suitcase and guitar in hand, Paul Simon still singing out loud on the radio, wishing he was “homeward bound”!

Those, Beatles singing “sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band”, the Doors “come on baby light my fire”!

All good camping tunes and all being played in the best possible taste. (come back Kenny Everett and make us laugh loud again please).

Motorhome Bloggers

Also, the sun shining down on you, with peace and love, all over the place, what bliss.

Well better blog about this, before we awake from the living the dream!

Steady Tiger, quick let’s put the kettle on, before we get to carried away and start blogging.

So, why do people write about their motorhome adventures both, good and bad?

Could it be, that they have always kept a diary and find it has become a bit of a habit!

Well that also sounds like a hippy type of thing, doesn’t it?

Motorhome Adventures Facebook

Motorhome BloggersBut, getting to the bottom of this, some motorhome bloggers, are quite good story tellers.

In fact, some maybe really be born again journalists.

Or maybe, they are driven by that desire to post on forums and join owners clubs by the dozen.

Thus, getting loads of likes out there on social media!

Becoming so liked on Facebook and having zillions of tweets on Twitter.

OK, before we give in and lose the will to write our first motorhome blog.

Let us consider the YouTube videos and the Instagram pictures, all part of the bloggers tools set.

How famous do you really want to be?

Welcome to Our Blog

Also, is the bloggers aim to just blog to upset Mr and Mrs Average, next door, back home.

Who, on that wet day, have been looking out of the window, with that rain, raining stair rods, all day, in not so sunny Manchester.

Will they be delighted to hear that “you have mail” message from Mr and Mrs Blogger next door?

In fact, maybe they will not be so pleased to read the bloggers from hell latest blog episode!

If they mention the war sites again and how wonderful the French are and the Germans on the campsite are so charming!

Hold your breath and count to 10!

Where are the English have they all gone Brexit mad and are all now holidaying in the UK?

Yes, those who are having a great time, wish you were here blogs, will be hitting that nerve right now.

In addition, do your Manchester followers, really want to know that you are having a great time, living the dream?

Motorhome Bloggers Paradise

motorhome bloggersAll the time, the ace blogger is telling their blog readers, of more sun drenched scorching hot days!

How nice it is to be warm and sitting in the sun! (yes we know all about that)!

Describing how they have just spent time, drinking champagne and eating the finest French meals.

So, divine darling, here in the South of France at this time of year!

Describing the details of this cafe called the Ritz!

Well I ask you, who wants to know if its got silver service or live music?

Or a jukebox with Charles Aznavour singing “she” on it!

It kind of makes you cringe, when they say that they have found a campsite, within walking distance of the Ritz!

Therefore, one imagines them staggering home and getting caught in the rain! (hey how unkind)!

Just adding a note, that they are staying for a few more weeks.

Because, it is so cheap and you would love it here.

It’s so relaxing we really would recommend it to you!

If only you had not to go to work or take the grand children to school! Such a shame!

Help me before I delete that eMail address or maybe that smug last paragraph, “go on do it”, I here you all shout!

So, why did you follow them on Google + in the first place? Well they do write a good blog or 2!

Our Tour

Oh please, let us hear from those motorhome blogs UK, telling us that they have been rained off,.

Frozen stiff in the night and not eaten a hot meal for days!

Also, been robbed and broken into and lost the keys to the motorhome!

Anything to get away from those sun tanned bloggers, having a great time, writing motorhome blogs, living in a motorhome in Europe!

Especially, those compiling motorhome blogs reviews and living the dream!

So, calm down and let’s look at the really good motorhome bloggers.

Motorhome Diaries

motorhome bloggersMany motorhome bloggers write about good motorhome topics.

That have thought for others and help from experience travels, both at home and abroad.

For example, how to cross the channel and find the best low cost routes to paradise.

Showing the way to Brits on tour and making sure they have a friend to talk to.

Now these people we sometimes refer to as motorhome blogger pioneers.

As, they write useful blogs that actually help people!

However, to our first time away in a motorhome, persons, who where getting lost, they are the real saviours.

The ones who took the trouble to help and write about it!

Motorhome bloggers, who just go about being nice people, are the ones who need some respect for.

They are the genuine article a real motorhome blogger!

Taking a Motorhome to Europe

Dedicated, to the many motorhome owners, who set out taking a motorhome to Europe.

Long shall they remain in motorhome blog readers hearts.

We refer to those good samaritans, who helped first timers out, we have nothing but praise for this type of blogger.

Motorhome Adventures Europe

Having navigated the channel crossing, our tour takes on a whole new meaning.

Just by stopping, to see if they were ok at the ferry port?

That friendly wave to says hi, as you pass down the road on the wrong side!

In addition, to helping to show you how to start the heating up, on freezing campsite stopover.

So, let’s look on the bright side, why not consider becoming, motorhome bloggers.

Yes, we have a new laptop a top, iphone at the ready, media pack internet connections.

OK a thousand words will be done in no time!

Well what do we write about?

Touring Europe in a Motorhome

Dreaming of that, big fat monthly payment, for writing that killer blog, for your favourite motorhome monthly magazine.

It’s in the post you know, the payment, that is never going to happen!

Even that pose in the sunshine, looking out to sea.

Yes, with some photos of the lady in tight shorts, just makes it all sound rather easy!

Certainly sitting at your keyboard, with a glass of wine, discovering that the keyboard is mightier than the sword!

Even thinking certain thoughts of good overcoming evil.

Auto-Sleeper verses Adria, slaying the Eldiss dragon in one Swift blow!

So, do we really want to know what the bloggers dog has been doing all day?

Heaven Can Wait

So what’s stopping us? Well a motorhome to get away in, would be our starter for 10.

Also, with a detailed map to that Ritz cafe, would not go a miss. In fact, everything else can go on hold.

So, “heaven can wait” then? Hey sounds like a good blog title that!

The Video Below is Brilliant Thanks Keith!


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