Motorhome Advice

Motorhome Advice

There are many different searches related to motorhome advice. From motorhome tips newbies, to motorhome tips for beginners. You could say all are relevant, some useful and some not! The best way to take notice of any motorhome advice, is to ask who is giving it?

What do they know about motorhomes, campervans or RV recreational vehicles? Taking up on some of those motorhome tips and hints, especially, advice for new motorhome owners, this may be very worthwhile. Look out for good motorhome tips and tricks, as they can save you time and money.

Motorhome Buying The First Time

Been there and got the t shirt, well helping to find those tips for first time motorhome owner, again all are worth perusing. Over and over the question crops up, what is the best motorhome to buy used? In the end, all of the motorhome advice, boils down to your choice of motorhome and campervan!

This can hing on simple things, like what to take in a campervan and how much payload you are allowed (see overweight motorhomes). Choosing a motorhome or a campervan maybe down to who is actually going to use it the most. Maybe the fact remains that those children and grandchildren, no longer come with you? So, that luxury two berth may be just the ticket!

Motorhome Advice Finding Online

When looking for motorhome advice, it may be a matter of who you know and also what they know! Just looking at all of the searches related to motorhome advice, there are many motorhome tips for beginners. Often referred to as motorhome tips newbies, as well as advice for new motorhome owners.

Best Motorhome To Buy Used

What is the best motorhome to buy used, a typical question that is asked a lot! There are many good motorhome tips and hints available online. Also, many good tips for first time motorhome owner, as well as campervan tips uk. Sound motorhome advice and good motorhome tips and tricks can prove to be excellent money savers!

Motorhome Tips And Hints

When you start out looking to buy any motorhome or a campervan. If you have sound motorhome advice about the model you are looking to buy, it all helps. No doubt, many do not understand the technical aspects of a motorhome. Well, no use if you getting home, to find it does not fit on the drive! This does happen!

  1. good motorhome advice will save you money.
  2. sellers of motorhomes are looking for good prices.
  3. buyer, advice is most helpful in negotiations.
  4. therefore, the basics. how long, high and wide come into play.
  5. check the mirrors in or mirrors folded.
  6. motorhome insurance costs.
  7. motorhome finance requirements.
  8. motorhome warranty what is covered?

Motorhome Tips And Tricks

Especially, when it comes down to retrofit motorhome accessories. The real important motorhome tip, is to read and research and then seek motorhome advice. That way the information being provided, will be informative and a lot easy to understand.

Fitting any motorhome accessories needs careful consideration. Will it enhance your motorhomes value? For example many people now take bikes with them so, a good professionally fitted bike rack ticks the box.

Motorhome Accessories

  • online a wealth of motorhome advice available.
  • dealers motorhome advice helps.
  • those tips and tricks come in handy.
  • fit genuine parts.
  • do it yourself wont do.
  • professional fitted extras add value.

Simple Ideas Save Money

There are many simple ideas none more so than buying a set of wing mirror protectors. It may seem trivial but, when you knock one off and have a bill of a few hundred pounds think again. Simple plastic covers may save your bacon, check them out.

motorhome advice

Coachbuilt Or Van Conversion?

This decision all depends on the customers choice, what do you want and who is going to use the vehicle. Coachbuilt motorhomes continue to be very successful. Van conversions are really great alternatives as second vehicles or downsizing from a coachbuilt motorhome.

motorhome advice

Just Ask Us

We may not know the answers, but, we do know a lot of people! We really like helping motorhome and campervan owners and first time buyers. Let us know what we are able to help you with. So, just fill in the form opposite and we will be back to you ASAP.

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Motorhome Weights

Make sure you understand the weights and dimensions of your motorhome or campervan. See our page with details of how calculations are carried out and what overweight motorhomes really mean!


The “maximum technically permissible laden mass”. known as “maximum authorised mass” (MAM). In most motorhome handbooks this information is set out.


This calculation stands for “mass of the unladen vehicle” including an allowance for the driver (assumed to be around 75 kg). In addition, the fuel tank is calculated at 90% full.


The maximum user “payload” of the motorhome a conventional payload. Includes allowance for passengers with the essential habitation equipment.

Motorhome Advice Search Terms

When looking online for motorhome advice, there are a number of searches related to just that, motorhome advice. Simple searches like motorhome tips newbies or just plain motorhome tips for beginners. Clearly many customers are looking for advice, for new motorhome owners buying brand new.

Very popular, motorhome tips and hints and tips for first time motorhome owner, are online. There really are some good motorhome tips and tricks. From the best motorhome to buy used, to more detailed things like, what to take in a campervan.

Technical Free Advice

However, even more important are the technical dimensions. All things that may need a little advice – explaining, as well as the motorhome jargon! For example;

  • what are the payloads?
  • MTPLM (Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass)?
  • MIRO (mass in running order)?
  • how much is the permissible habitation equipment?
  • what are the bed sizes?
  • what are mirrors out and in dimensions?

Good Motorhome Advice

Motorhome advice on chassis and weights and measurements are well worth having. The motorhome owners group, on Facebook for example and the motorhome owners club, are full of help.

  • where good advice is even worth paying for.
  • from most dealers it is free!
  • many examples of issues online.
  • questions on motorhome forums available.

Best Motorhome To Buy Used

So, take the right advice, have a look online and compare what others know. Finding good advice is then available to be shared with other motorhome owners. That way you also build up friends and people you are able to recommend for getting sound advice.

The best advice is also to enjoy your motorhome, look after is and it will look after you. So, taking your time as a first time buyer is sound advice.

  • do not just buy that first motorhome that you like.
  • even if the color of the curtains is just right!
  • as, the insurers say “go compare”.
  • see what is the right motorhome for you.
  • as they say a problem shared is half solved!
  • providing you with motorhome holidays.
  • short breaks are ideal to start out.
  • turning the experience into advice.

Motorhome Tips For Beginners

Advice for new motorhome owners who do not know how something works. In some cases motorhome advice, is all about good tips and instructions.

Finding Motorhomes 

Where do you go to find that dream motorhome or campervan? You could start out by visiting your local dealer, or go to a motorhome show. There you will find usually a lot of dealers at outdoor shows. However, with technology and VR (virtual reality) you can have a preview of some manufacturers models online.

  • motorhome advice revolves around;
  • what a customer wants to buy.
  • many times customers has not liked the layout.
  • or did not listen to the advice given.
  • choosing the wrong layout first time is common.
  • what is the best motorhome advice on hand?
  • “can you just tell me how this works”?

Advice For New Motorhome Owners

Well, it may just be that a customer needs some good advice.

  • where better to obtain advice?
  • from an experienced motorhome dealer.
  • or ask an owner.
  • read up on the information.
  • join motorhome forums.

Motorhomes Help

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