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McLouis Fusion

McLouis Fusion a name that rings a bell? Well McLouis certainly is a name associated with motorhomes. In the UK they were sold some time back as McLouis motorhomes. However, time moves on and things change. In fact, the storey evolves even further. In a market that moves fast at times. McLouis has seen its share of takeovers. First by the SEA group followed up with a takeover by Rigano group. For McLouis a proud Italian manufacturer, it constantly has found fortunes changing. Many for the better. Today McLouis are back with a bang in the UK. Carefully, being managed by one of the top recognised motorhome names in the UK, Auto-Sleeper. They have brought over the McLouis MC4 range and added the name Fusion to it.

There is logic being applied here as Auto-Sleeper are part of Trigano group as well. The missing bits in the Auto-Sleeper portfolio an end garage with 4 berts and 5 seat belts as well as a fixed bed. This is a typical Eropean specification and it fits the Auto-Sleeper range hand in glove. Ideal for first time buyers and perfect for the family holiday. Also, there is real logic in the fact that the McLouis Fusion can be downsized.

McLouis Fusion Order Online?

The important key factor about the McLouis Fusion. The benefit of the McLouis Fusion model range. That being that all 5 models can be downgraded to 3500 kg. Therefore, allowing them to be driven on a standard driving licence. That has to make them very attractive. Especially, for the first time buyer. The fact that there is also a Fiat comfort matic option. This provides that perfect specification, for more senior drivers.

McLouis Fusion Deal Stopper?

You may have found, the motorhome that you like and would like to go ahead. However, if you feel the deal you have been offered, is not quite what a McLouis Fusion dealer could do. Then let us know and we will see what we can do to help. Sometimes, there is just that little element of doubt to overcome. This may just be about motorhome finance or motorhome insurance or details of an extended motorhome warranty. You may have a part exchange and you feel a little more would help a lot.

Don’t let that opportunity to buy a McLouis Fusion escape you. We are happy to help anyone. With impartial advice we can check out most things that are potential deal stoppers! The McLouis Fusion and Auto-Sleeper, all want to make sure that you have been offered the best deal possible. To that end drop us an email and in confidence we will try and help you.

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McLouis Fusion
McLouis Fusion
McLouis Fusion
McLouis Fusion

McLouis Fusion Specialist Dealers

Auto-Sleeper have hand picked the dealers, to represent the McLouis Fusion range. They are well established motorhome dealers, in their own right. They absolutely like the Italian style and layouts. All want to help and show you the McLouis Fusion range. Test drives, advice, demonstrations, finance, insurance and extended warranties. The services are all available at the McLouis Fusion dealers. With full after sales and habitation checks available to support your purchase. You will be in good hands, all backed by the Auto-Sleeper experience, how can you go wrong?

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