Peugeot Coach Built Broadway FB

//Peugeot Coach Built Broadway FB

Peugeot Coach Built Broadway FB

Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB 2018

Price £48,583.33 VAT £716.67 Total Ex Works £58,300. Total on the road price £59,700. Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB with Premium and winter pack £62,495. On the Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB 2018 range there is a new rear GRP panel and new GRP inner walls. Also, the new Casa Mila trim, that is the same make-up as Catalan. However, a leaf pattern now replaces the stripes. Again we have the Truma iNet - control and connectivity via the Truma App. Also, the [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB Demo

So, here is an Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB demo spending most of its life on display in the Derby showroom. In fact it has been out to some out door shows but has been the main Broadway demo model. In fact, the Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB demo has a great layout. This layout is with the feature washroom, spacious lounge and kitchen. In addition, this two berth is ideal for any first-time buyers just starting out. In fact, Auto-Sleeper Peugeot coachbuilt motorhomes continue the tradition [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Broadway EK

The Auto-Sleeper Broadway EK name has been a part of Auto-Sleeper for some time. So, as with the EK end kitchen layout. The designs and adjustments appear to make the Broadway EK even more popular. In addition, the model range is very much in demand on the second hand motorhome marker. So, anyone in the market for a great coach built motorhome should definitely take a look at a the Broadway range. Thus, the Auto-Sleeper Broadway EK has a [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB

The Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB is the motorhome with the French bedding layout. Thus, the Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB has the ideal layout, with a French bed model using a Peugeot motorhome chassis. So, providing and retaining the absolute luxury that the Auto-Sleeper Broadway FB has to offer. Also, with a full on kitchen with all the kitchen fittings that are typically Auto-Sleeper. From the kitchen area, it leads into a luxurious feature bedroom. Also, with a spacious side washroom, you also have a [...]

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