First Time Motorhome Buyers

//First Time Motorhome Buyers

First Time Motorhome Buyers

First time motorhome buyers?

Right, the question is are you one of those first time motorhome buyers? Therefore, first ask the question is motorhome ownership for you? Also, if you are not certain that motorhomes are for you, then take a motorhome holiday first. In fact, hiring a motorhome or campervan is quite easy to do. So, starting out looking is a little daunting. Also, especially if your quest is to buy one ASAP. Hence, the problem is which one? Also, agreeing on the right model and layout is not easy. So, take your time. In fact, start and have a good look online. In addition, then go and see some to get a better idea. Thus, good luck!

Auto-Sleeper dealers.

Auto-Sleeper dealers are a friendly bunch and will want to help you. Online you will find a whole load of information on the different Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. For example take a look at the new technology being used by Auto-Sleeper dealer Derby motorhomes. This is VR, that stands for “virtual reality” and that also provides 3D viewing. In fact, you can sit at your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone and view inside the motorhomes.

So, in the first place to help you to find out if you really like, this does take time. Hence, just going on a motorhome holiday to test the water is a good idea. In fact, it is easy to just find a destination and book online. So, select your next motorhome holiday booking right now!

Buying your first-time motorhome takes time.

So, just trying to find the right motorhome, you may think you will manage on your own! However, sometimes it all depends on what you know about motorhomes? In fact, do you know what the motorhome jargon really means?  So, where is the best place to get the right advice? Also, please remember this is a lot of money to spend to get wrong! Any good motorhome dealer will offer help and offer sound advice for free. In addition, there are owners clubs, forums and groups online to help as well.

So, why fund it before you buy it?

In fact, when you set out to buy anything you usually have an idea of what your budget is! So, many times that it usually becomes just a guide to what you can afford. In fact, a little conservative to combat those special offers and sales propositions. So, now buying a motorhome or campervan is no different to any other purchase, or is it? Thus, considering that this will more than likely to be your second largest purchase after buying your house. Therefore, maybe a little better planning is a good idea? Also, this may be just a matter of understanding your own budget better. In addition, finding out what your best deposit and length of repayment time is.

What is the best interest rate available to you?

So, here is how you can turn your budget on to help provide you with the advantage. Thus, helping to leverage in your negotiations. Hence, to get a better deal on buying a motorhome or campervan! Also, having the security of knowing what you can afford on this important purchase. Therefore, this will place you in the driving seat to become a cash buyer in the eyes of the seller.

Look out for special offers.

So, many first-time motorhome buyers buy special offers! However, how special are they? So, shop around and have a look first. So, make a shopping list of things you like. Also, check the layout and make sure it is what you want to buy. In addition, remember those extra berths do you really need them? So, also make sure that you have you got enough travelling seat belts?

Have that test drive to see how you feel.

In fact, many motorhomes are bigger than cars, so how about parking? Also, take a test drive park up and reverse to see how it feels! Therefore, take the measurements and see if will fit in the drive! In addition, it is important is to check all the weights and conformity issues.

Let’s get down to price and what deal you want!

In the first place, if you have no part exchange expect a discount, if not shop around! Thus, trade in anything as good dealers take cars, motorbikes, boats and planes! Also, beware they are sorry and do not take in the mother in law or unruly children! So now do not forget about the specification and what deals are providing free add ons. When it comes to selling later those good extras will enhance the residual values.

In fact, think about all the forgotten things!

In effect, check out for how long the water ingress warranty is? Also, what motorhome insurance and extra warranty cover costs? In fact, what happens if you break down, who do you contact for help?

So all set to collect your motorhome.

So, defiantly expect a professional hand over, this takes at least an hour. Also, ask all the questions you need to know. In fact, your handover person should know and help you to understand so, do not worry. Also, all first-time motorhome buyers can just ask us! Look at videos online of how to do things there are plenty to see.

Why choose an Auto-Sleeper?

Well to have been making motorhomes for over fifty four years, they must be doing something right! We are passionate that they are a genuine UK based motorhome manufacturer. We also see the finished article and like what we see. So, all we suggest is before you buy any motorhome, take a good look at the Auto-Sleeper range. Remember if you buy one you may at some stage need to sell it! Ask, how much do Auto-Sleepers hold their residual values? In fact, you will find that answer is very well.

Advantages and disadvantages.

In the first place, the advantages you are in demand, as all dealers want to talk to you! Thus, some disadvantage you may not understand things at all! So, start out doing a lot of research on all subjects. Also, get to know what EK (end kitchen) and EB (end bathroom) really means to your choice.

Also, good sound advice will save you hours.

In addition, good advice comes from experience and that is important. So, just ask motorhome owners questions they are also a very friendly bunch. In fact, you can look online at owners clubs, they can be most useful. Also, remember when you know what you want to stick to it if you can.

Motorhome finance first time motorhome buyers options.

In fact, there are benefits of arranging first-time motorhome buyers finance before you buy one. Therefore, knowing what you can afford before you go to view, this puts you in the driving seat! In effect, the first time buyer a motorhome you are looking at may have a screen price of £50,000! However, you are a cash buyer with no part exchange! So, how about £45,000 for cash?

Motorhome Finance.

To find out more about motorhome finance complete the ACF Direct form. ACF Direct are registered finance brokers in Cheltenham in the UK. They will contact you and discuss all of the options that are available.

motorhome finance

Motorhome Insurance.

To find out more about motorhome Insurance go online and use the quotezone compare website. They have many leading motorhome insurers who will be able to quote and allow you to compare motorhome insurance.


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