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VAT Free motorhomes

VAT Free motorhomes

VAT Free motorhomes do they exist in the United Kingdom any more ? Also, the requirements of disabled people? Thus, motorhomes can be for by all ages and abilities. So, many are suitable as standard and others can be different conversions. So, specialist disability extras that help for modifications for disabled people. In addition, VAT exemptions are available in some cases. If in doubt about VAT ask your local citizens advice. Just go online to HMRC website and read up on the issues. Also, contact HMRC direct and ask them. Also, deal with a dealer who has done VAT reclaims before.

How do I participate in a VAT free scheme? Only if you have a long-term illness or you are disabled and wheelchair bound. You may not need to pay VAT when you buy a motorhome if you meet the terms of wheelchair use. Also, models that are your main car may also be exempt from car tax. Thus, HMCE requires, suppliers to take reasonable steps, to ensure that a disabled person is eligible for the relief. This has been a very contencious area and many dealers will not participate in the VAT Free scheme.

VAT Free is a difficult one brought about by miss use;

  1. wheelchair users only
  2. must be converted for their use
  3. no small modifications
  4. VAT Free issues for dealers
  5. many dealers will not take part
  6. legal implications in the past
  7. litigation dealers v HM Customs and excise
  8. now difficult to quantify who qualifies

VAT Free motorhomes Wheelchair uses only

Points to remember – Motorhomes FAQ. Motorhome manufacturers require dealers to follow the recommended procedures. Accordingly, fitting ramps and clamps to allow wheelchair access. Also, fitting of a wheelchair carrier and adaptations to the driving controls. Therefore, the vehicle is visibly for the needs of the individual disable customer.

VAT Free motorhomes
VAT Free motorhomes
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