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Who we are? 

Owned by John Buxton Fleet Management. We are individuals who are motorhome and campervan fans. We have experience and lots of contacts, to help find information on motorhomes and campervans. Because, it is not just a matter of who we are, it is also about who are you?

Therefore, please read and meet loads of interesting people, with us on our journey. Also, to improve his knowledge of all aspects of motorhomes and campervans.

  • helping finding a motorhome or campervan.
  • professional motorhome marketing help.
  • learn more everyday from our many contacts.
  • soon we will know you as well.
  • no matter what you need to know just ask us.

Our motto is “happy to help if we can”

John Buxton has been responsible for building motorhomes and campervans.net. It all began, when looking online for information on buying motorhomes and campervans. We could not find what he was looking for. So, we built the website to help others. In fact, on a laptop on a train journey things began. The idea grew into a dealer and manufacturer driven information.

Having found there was a gap in the market. We provide information for first time buyers. Therefore, the journey really began to open up. With many different additions to motorhomes campervans.net.

Motorhomes Campervans .net

New legislation on data protection certainly make compliance a challenge. Our hope that 6 years on, we are helping people find a motorhome or campervan of their dreams.

GDPR (general data protection regulation) a European invention to keep people busy. See our privacy policy.  Also, see an overview as well. We hope to help motorhome dealers and customers find each other.

John Buxton motorhome marketing plan

Now you know who we are

John had experience of how to learn the motorhome jargon and more about motorhomes and campervans. Having practical experience from working at motorhome shows. As well as working in a dealership. With Johns extensive knowledge of the car industry adding real value.

Customers could see all the berths and layouts in one place and compare. Online information has virtually taken the place of reading a magazine advert. This fits what customers were looking for information on the move!

  • having sold domains and business such as available car.
  • developing logistics and supply chain businesses.
  • motorhomes campervans was a good fit.

Accordingly the website has grown

  • developing the concept of the Autosleeper Centre in Derby.
  • idea that John had whilst working with them.
  • useful information became even more relevant.
  • all the Autosleeper models, in one place made sense.
  • research online has become a virtual part of most purchases.
  • the motorhome video has really caught on.

Things do not stand still here

The driving force of Facebook has led John to set up a Facebook @usedmotorhomesforsale . The idea, one click, links to the Twitter and live on other social media. Thereafter the development of “motorhome bargains” from motorhome dealers and manufacturers to post offers.

So what of the future?

Nothing stands still for long and buying motorhomes online, has to also be the way forward. Accordingly, with motorhome show trends changing and a real sense of adventure is on the way!

Contact Us Anytime

Helping First Time Motorhome Buyers

Helping first time motorhome buyers has been the main driver of developing the motorhomes campervans website. So far so good as many people comment that they found some good information on the site.

Not every article is a best seller however, we live and learn more everyday. Many forums have great debates however, we have dropped our comments sector as they are really hard to maintain within GDPR (general data protection regulation).

Blogg with us

That does not mean that you can have your say. Just let us have a blog and we will consider publishing your thoughts. There are always questions about how this works and what is this bit for. We really are happy to help if we can.

Therefore, just contact us and ask us the questions. We may not know the answer but we will probably know someone who does!

First time buyers video

Helping motorhome buyers find the best solutions to help buy the model of your dreams.

Motorhomes Help

Questions on motorhome or campervan topics, please contact us as we may be able to help you find what you are looking for. Go on then its FREE!
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