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Well what is the latest Motorhome News? here is the place to place the latest motorhome news stories. Also, we will display in our blog section, anything of interest relating to motorhome or campervan owners.

We all like to know more about motorhomes and campervans. What is new and what is trending, in the World of Motorhomes. Good information is always worth reading as they say knowlage is everything.

Frankia Platin Motorhomes

Frankia Platin Range The Platin success story continues for Frankia motorhomes. There is no doubt why, because, this popular luxury motorhome is even more powerful and now much better equipped in 2018. So, the Platin is the perfect companion, anyone that likes to remain a little independent without sacrificing comfort. The Platin was made for you! There is endless space and peace of mind with real independence. Some key features; Standard 110 Ah LiFePO4 battery. Two different floor [...]

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Virtual Reality Motorhome Showrooms

Virtual Reality Motorhome Showrooms This simply paves the way for helping potential buyers, to discover what is on offer. All in VR (virtual reality)! Yes, the Virtual Reality Motorhome Showrooms just got a whole lot better! As manufacturers find ways, to really take on the conventional Media advertising. The digital age is all about social media and providing customers, with a look close up at products and services. As many motorhome manufacturers and dealers are stuck in the past, [...]

Auto-Sleeper History

An Auto-Sleeper History So, do we really know about this Auto-Sleeper History and how it all began? Today they have a great range of motorhomes, both coachbuilt and van conversions. Clearly the story goes on and that is a great story, with great manufacturer and partners current and historic; Bedford. Austin. Commer. Ford Mercedes Benz. Peugeot. Fiat. Volkswagen. Making Motorhomes of Excellent From 1961 That certainly is some sort of record and makes you think back. The swinging sixties, [...]

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The Beast From The East

The Beast From the East Did the Beast from the East affected you? You may well soon find out. Who put spring on hold, I hear you say? Yes, it was cold and still raining here today, just for good measure. Also, the Beast from the East, followed up with his pal mini Beast. So, were we all to busy keeping warm to notice the effect? Also, its now April and the motorhome season maybe a little delayed! This [...]

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Marathon Coach Luxury Motorhomes

What makes Marathon Coach luxury motorhomes stand out from the rest? Simply that they are the very best in luxury travel. You may believe you have seen luxury everything in a motorhome. But, the Marathon Coach takes the word luxury to another level. As the Marathon Coach say you the customer are the difference. When a customer orders a custom luxury RV they will get the top ten promises. As they say the "devil is in the detail"! Marathon [...]

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Frankia Motorhomes i680 plus

Frankia Motorhomes i680 Plus for Sale This has to be one of the most practical motorhomes available to buy. With a winning combination of style, design and layouts that just work, very well. You may have been looking for a while, but, look no further than this Frankia motorhomes i680 plus. An A class of distinction! Frankia Motorhomes History Frankia motorhomes were founded in the swinging sixties, actually in 1960. Made in Germany the company is from Marktschorgast. This [...]

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Dutch Motorhome Rentals

The art of renting a Dutch motorhome, maybe lies with specialists, Dutch motorhome rentals experts Dutch Bull Campers. In fact, the possibilities are endless when looking for a Dutch motorhome rental. Great service and a good rental price awaits you. With coachbuilt and van conversions from the UK's well known motorhome manufacturer Auto-Sleeper. Dutch Motorhome Rentals Dutch Bull Campers are one of Hollands leading rental experts. Selling into the Netherlands and on into Europe. Also, [...]

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Malibu Motorhomes

You may be dreaming of a holiday on Malibu beach, however, how about taking a look at Malibu Motorhomes? This really neat range of integrated and semi integrated motorhomes. With the outstanding Malibu van really setting the standards. Simple choices of 3, Malibu Motorhome models. Integrated. Semi Integrated. Malibu Van Conversions. There is a very good opportunity to try before you buy. Malibu provides the option to drive one for testing purposes. Within the scope of their test and [...]

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Battle of the Brands

Well, is the battle of the brands is well and truly on? They have even lined up the team sheets to do battle; Hymer. Trigano. Carthago UK Brands We believe the motorhome market share cup is up for grabs! Battle of the Brands The market in new sales maybe getting messy. However, there remains a shortage of used motorhomes. Especially, 1, to 5, years old. Most main motorhome dealers have been advertising for stock. Also, we know that prices [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Awards

Not 1, but 2, Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Award Winners. So, well done Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, just going from (strength to strength). Now winning with more awards at the NEC motorhomes show. Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Award Winners Auto-Sleeper won awards for the Auto-Sleeper Fairford, won best van conversion over £55,000. The Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB, won best coach built £55,000 to £65,000. Making this an exceptional motorhome show at the NEC, for Auto-Sleeper and their dealers. Motorhomes of Excellence Dave Williams, Auto-Sleepers sales director pictured [...]

Changing Times

Well there are changing times in any industry and motorhome sales are no exception. With more leisure time filtering through and an ageing population, those changin times are bound to happen. Motorhome Changing Times Motorhome owners tend to be 55 plus years in age. Changing times are also coming with the new technology. We now live in an information age. No better way to find out about a motorhome than online.  Youtube to thank for making motorhome information come [...]

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Motorhome Holidays

Going on your motorhome holidays a good idea to know where you are going. (destinations are important). The Motorhome Holiday Company Planning the size and berths of motorhomes or campervans to rent. Usually this is an important place to start. Make a plan. Know your budget. Research stopovers. Take all documents with you. Know how things work. Look if hiring at excess damage cover Look into insurance. Ensure there is breakdown cover. Also, warranty and recovery. Roadside recovery and call [...]

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