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Thus, you can place a leisure topic story or blog under this motorhome miscellaneous area. Also, we may store video links and images about motorhomes and campervans even caravans.

In fact, it could be trains and boats and planes that take you on that leisure outing. So, for sure we have a place on our website to use as a default category so enjoy.

Battle of the Brands

Well, is the battle of the brands is well and truly on? They have even lined up the team sheets to do battle; Hymer. Trigano. Carthago UK Brands We believe the motorhome market share cup is up for grabs! Battle of the Brands The market in new sales maybe getting messy. However, there remains a shortage of used motorhomes. Especially, 1, to 5, years old. Most main motorhome dealers have been advertising for stock. Also, we know that prices [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Servicing

Auto-Sleeper Servicing There is some real peace of mind, when using the Auto-Sleeper Servicing facility. Because, this is a service that is direct from Auto-Sleepers. Having set up next to the factory at Willersey, it provides a central location and overnight facilities. Also, with full Auto-Sleeper servicing, repairs as well as insurance and accident management. In addition, to carrying out any Auto-Sleeper warranty work. Gold and Silver Servicing. So, what do Auto-Sleepers have regarding motorhome servicing packages? [...]

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Newark Motorhome Show

Motorhome season takes on 2, shows 1, in Spring and 1, in mis summer season starting at Newark motorhome show. This attracts a lot of attention, as in competition to the Warners motorhome shows. There are those who just enjoy that week end away and the evening entertainment appeals, especially if the weather is good. Many see this type of outdoor show as a way of seeing what motorhome dealers have on offer. Newark Motorhome Show At this time of [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Award Winners

Auto-Sleeper award winners the award winning manufacturer in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswolds, in the UK. Building motorhomes of excellence for over fifty four years. Latest Awards Yes, Auto-Sleeper strikes again with more award winning van conversions. Awarded at the NEC in Birmingham in February 2018. Auto-Sleeper Fairford best van conversion over £55,000. Also, the Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB best coach built £55,000 to £65,000. Other Awards So, the Auto-Sleepers award winners have done it again scooping not one, [...]

Auto Sleeper Old Reviews

Auto Sleeper Old Reviews. So, a look at some Auto Sleeper old reviews of older models and how they have stood the test of time. Also. you may even consider some of these models as up and coming classics. However, some great old reviews from Practical motorhomes and an ideal way of getting to know about some older Auto Sleeper models. Many have kept going on large doses of TLC applied [...]

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