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There is no doubt motorhome buyers come in many different formats. From being a first time buyer, to being a seasoned motorhome buyer. Also, a professional buyer or a motorhome dealer, all are motorhome buyers at some stage.

They are all linked by being part of a leisure industry, that loves using motorhomes or campervans. All part of the motorhome buyers roll. From asking the question selling a motorhome where is best? Answering an advert for motorhomes bought for cash.

The simple fact that a motorhome valuation online or somebody to buy my motorhome? Just reading the we buy any motorhome reviews. To actually sell my motorhome and sell my motorhome for free! This is a service that motorhome sellers appreciate. Yes, motorhome buyers have a very important role to play, without them we would not be in business!

Aunty Wainwright Motorhomes

Aunty Wainwright motorhomes Before I tell you about Aunty Wainwright motorhomes sales strategy. I think I should tell you while I am laughing writing this blog post. Go on then! Well I read on a forum, that a guy had gone to buy a fuse for his control panel and spent £28,000 on a new motorhome! Sounds like an expensive fuse! Well I can see that Aunty Wainwright character now, rubbing her hands together, as you enter the showroom! [...]

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Selling Motorhomes

Selling Motorhomes So, that day arrives for selling motorhomes and you decide that selling your motorhome, has got to happen. Maybe, it is just the fact that you really do need a change. (part exchange if buying again). You may have decided to hang up your motorhome boots. It maybe, a case that you discover, that holidays in a motorhome are not for you. There are a few questions; how to sell a motorhome privately. selling a motorhome where is best [...]

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Buying Motorhomes

Buying Motorhomes. Buying motorhomes may be like going swimming in the sea for the first time! Yes, beware of sharks comes to mind. So, are thinking of buying a motorhome for the first time? Because, you may be more than a little concerned, because what if you make a mistake? In fact, many people do just that, choosing the wrong layout or finding that its a bit longer than they thought! Some, even getting home [...]

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Researching Buying Motorhomes

Well, is it just a matter of taking to the internet for researching buying motorhomes? Whilst we all know, that practically any useful research for anything these days is likely to start with the internet Google search! Now if you are a first-time motorhome buyer, maybe a scattergun approach is simply to enter “UK motorhomes” into your browser! Thereafter, you can follow the links and see where life takes you. However, there may well be more links for you [...]

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Overweight Motorhomes

Overweight Motorhomes Before buying a motorhome or campervan overweight motorhomes are worth understanding. In fact, the motorhome weights for first time buyers maybe a little confusing. Also, they are essential statistics to understand when buying a motorhome or campervan. Whilst we may have seen the Police at roadside weighbridges pulling over lorries and large vehicles to check them. Motorhome Weights Yes, all there are legal implications that come into to this, you can be stopped and checked as well. So, [...]

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Buying Auto-Sleepers Locally

Buying Auto-Sleepers Locally. So, here we have an interesting debate about buying Auto-Sleepers locally. Maybe you have been in this situation and have had to make that decision to buy from your local dealer. There is the old saying a job at home is worth two away! However, here we are talking about spending some serious money as motorhomes are not cheap items. Historically, it may have been the case of my local dealer is [...]

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First Time Motorhome Buyers

First Time Motorhome Buyers Advantages and Disadvantages In the first place, the advantages of being first time motorhome buyers, you are in demand! Because, all the motorhome dealers will want to talk to you! Thus, some disadvantages, you may not understand things at all! So, start out doing a lot of research on all subjects. Also, get to know what EK (end kitchen) and EB (end bathroom) really means to your choice. Buying A Motorhome There are many question [...]

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Motorhome Auctions

Motorhome Auctions Selling in motorhome auctions, is an alternative way to sell or buy your motorhome or campervan. Thus, when using a motorhome auction, there are good points about using an auction, as well as some bad ones! In addition, there is also facts about the "buyer beware" aspect of buying a motorhome in an auction. Also, motorhomes or campervans maybe sold as seen. In addition, auctions do a good job, if you need to turn your motorhome or [...]

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Motorhome Concierge

The motorhome concierge do all the work for you? Hence, via a FREE motorhome concierge service. In fact, just tell the motorhome concierge, what you are looking for or simply fill in the form. Thereafter, the motorhome concierge provides customers with a "motorhome concierge personal service". Motorhome Concierge Costs of owning a motorhome are also important. As with owning a house; Knowing the heating and running costs. These are all part of knowing a budget. Questions for a dealer; How do [...]

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Motorhome Motability

What is the motorhome motability for the disabled persons all about? So, firstly let us explain our reference of motorhome motability. We do not want to confuse our term of motorhome motability. for example, as with the car leasing scheme, run by the charity for disabled people. We refer for reference of ease, in trying to explain, what mobility motorhomes for disabled allowances are. Therefore, clearly there are questions everyday, do motability have motorhomes on the scheme? The simple answer is [...]

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Motorhome Jargon

Motorhome Jargon. So, how are you getting on with the motorhome jargon is it a little confusing? Thus, are you a first time buyer? Also if you first start to look for a motorhome or campervan as a first time buyer you need to know what things refer to. Hence, we set out here to put you on the right road. Also, to buying your first motorhome or campervan. So, if you reach a crossroads [...]

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Motorhome Layouts

There are many variations of motorhome layouts to choose from. So, it does all depend on how many people are using the motorhome as to what will do the job. However, motorhome layouts differ in personal choice. Then is really a matter of seeing what is practical as well as what you actually like. Thus, the different motorhome layouts differ in many ways. Also, in the end, it is always a matter of personal choice. So how many people are [...]

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