Autosleeper Windrush

Autosleeper Windrush

Autosleeper Windrush

In fact, the Autosleeper Windrush has been growing in many ways. Thus, this popular as a dual purpose conversion is a family favourite, especially with the kids. Hence, who love the rear bunk beds that the Autosleeper Windrush provides. Because, of pf the options that a family are looking for. Thus, the layout lends itself to a family holiday. Also, with the four seat belts and the two rear bunk beds. So, there is still plenty of room in the lounge area. Also, the kitchen is typical of Autosleeper motorhomes. In addition with plenty of thought gone into where and what needs to be in the right place.

Autosleeper Windrush.

In fact, with a  good fridge hob, grill, oven and microwave. Thus, the gas supply is via an LPG tank that is again so easy to use. In essence, the Autosleeper Windrush is what other panel vans want to be. Thus, mainly due to its versatility and being a dual purpose vehicle. Therefore, ideal as a second vehicle and perfect for those Friday weekend away days. Thus, the Peugeot part in the van conversion does not disappoint. So, with six-speed manual gearbox and the 150 bhp Euro diesel engines.

High Specification.

Also, there are options on cruise control and cab air conditioning available. Hence, the Peugeot cab has electric and heat door mirrors and electric windows. Also, a Radio CD and with Bluetooth connectivity add the comfort of captain seats. Also, the four seat belts make up an excellent package. So, having been a high top van conversion of the year award winner you can soon see why.

Peugeot Boxer.

Thus, the Autosleeper Windrush is on the Peugeot boxer chassis. Also, having the new Euro 6 engine with the AdBlue technology. In addition, with the optional upgrade to the chassis. Also, the Autosleeper Windrush has grade 3 thermally insulation, with the full Peugeot driving aid package and premium packs available. Thus, enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control. In addition, to the ABS braking and optional day running lights. Also, with the option of a Fiat package with cab and comfort matic automatic gearbox. In addition, the cruise control when selected in the premium pack, makes the Autosleeper Windrush an enjoyable experience to drive.

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