Autosleeper Symbol

Autosleeper Symbol

The Autosleeper Symbol is made in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswolds, in the UK. Building quality van conversions. So, the Autosleeper Symbol has been the backbone of the Autosleeper motorhomes Peugeot Boxer van conversion history. Also, the Auto Sleeper Symbol now benefits from the Peugeot Boxer upgraded cab and has very sleek and modern looks.

Autosleeper Symbol is 1 of 7 van conversions.

  1. Autosleeper Symbol.
  2. Autosleeper Stanway.
  3. Autosleeper Fairford.
  4. Autosleeper Kingham.
  5. Autosleeper Kemerton XL.
  6. Autosleeper Warwick XL.
  7. Autosleeper Warwick Duo.

Autosleeper Symbol Reviews

Autosleeper Symbol

Autosleeper Symbol

So, built on a Peugeot Boxer medium wheel base.

  • In fact, the Autosleeper Symbol is big enough inside.
  • Also, more roomy that you think.
  • However, small enough to provide that ideal dual transport.
  • Light fabrics and interior design provides a really roomy feel.
  • With separate cassette toilet and washroom.
  • Also, there is the large fridge on board.
  • Making this iconic van conversions the ideal choice.
  • Symbol designed with all of the Autosleeper van conversion expertise.
  • Autosleepers Symbol is the benchmark for all panel vans.

Also, the Symbol is a long-standing name for a van conversion.

Autosleeper Symbol Reviews

The Autosleeper Symbol designs continue to improve the kitchen area.

  • Good to use all the neat Autosleeper kitchen features.
  • Autosleeper Symbol has come of age.
  • Simple drop down access door to the under seat storage space.
  • Swivel cab seats are on all front lounge models.
  • Over-cab storage compartments.
  • Spacious wardrobe high and low-level storage lockers.
  • Cocktail cabinet with crystal wine glasses.
  • Freestanding and or single leg tables.

Peugeot Boxer Chassis

Thus, the Autosleeper Symbol is on the Peugeot boxer chassis.

  • Euro 6 engine with the AdBlue technology.

In addition, with the optional upgrade to the chassis.

Autosleeper Models

Also, the Autosleeper Symbol has grade 3 thermally insulation.

  • Peugeot driving aid package and premium packs available.
  • Enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control.
  • ABS braking and optional day running lights.
  • Fiat package with cab and comfort matic automatic gearbox.
  • Cruise control when selected in the premium pack.

This makes the Autosleeper Symbol an enjoyable experience to drive.

Autosleeper Symbol Forum

For more detailed information on the Symbol check the Autosleeper Symbol forum. Also, used Autosleeper Symbol for sale online.

Auto-Sleepers Ltd, Autosleeper Factory, Orchard Works, Willersey, Near Broadway, Worcestershire. WR12 7QF.

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