Autosleeper Kemerton XL

//Autosleeper Kemerton XL

Autosleeper Kemerton XL

Auto-Sleeper Kemerton XL.

Your friendly Autosleeper Kemerton XL manufacturer in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswold’s, in the UK. Building quality van conversions. Hence, the Autosleeper Kemerton XL is the new model Kemerton on the Peugeot extra long wheelbase. The longer Peugeot Boxer van conversion really does work well. Hence, providing that extra front lounge area. Also, that is an ideal place to just sit and relax or dine in. In fact, the layout of the Autosleeper Kemerton XL follows the lines of other successful Autosleeper van conversions.

Autosleeper Kemerton XL.

In fact, the Kemerton XL has become the benchmark end bathroom van conversion. So, the great thing about the Autosleeper Kemerton XL is that it just got bigger! Also, having the large rear washroom with separate shower and toilet. In addition, this is a private changing area as there is so much room. In fact, stylish in appearance, with excellent airy interiors and really quality fittings. Also, anyone in the market for a van conversion, consider making an appointment for a test drive in one right away. Thus, this is bound to create huge interest from new and existing Autosleeper van conversion owners. In fact, there appears huge interest in these van conversions. Auto Sleeper motorhomes UK has been a leading motorhome manufacturer for many years. In fact, Auto Sleeper who have been manufacturing motorhomes for over fifty four years. So, Auto Sleeper have a very successful range of van conversions on Peugeot and Fiat vans.

Stylish Van Conversion.

So, first the style and detail in the designs that Autosleeper has made into the Kemerton really do work. Also, customers may differ on the layout that they choose. However, anyone looking for an end bathroom layout needs looks no further. Also, the space using the longer wheelbase really does work well. In fact, the space at the back also provides an ideal changing area. So, we see van conversion are now popular with different people. Also, ideal for a second family vehicle.

Good Layout.

In fact, perfect if you want to downsize from a coachbuilt motorhome. Also, the way people view these conversions are that you have your very own hotel on wheels! So, go where you like when you like to be it a short break or long touring holiday. Also, anything is possible in an Autosleeper Kemerton XL!

Excellent Specification.

Thus, the Autosleeper Kemerton XL is on the Peugeot boxer chassis. Also, having the new Euro 6 engine with the AdBlue technology. In addition, with the optional upgrade to the chassis. Also, the Autosleeper Kemerton has grade 3 thermally insulation, with the full Peugeot driving aid package and premium packs available. Thus, enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control. In addition, to the ABS braking and optional day running lights. Also, with the option of a Fiat package with cab and comfort matic automatic gearbox. In addition, the cruise control when selected in the premium pack, makes the Autosleeper Kemerton an enjoyable experience to drive. The premium, winter and media packs really do add to the specification.

Auto-Sleeper motorhome. Orchard Works, Willersey, Near Broadway, Worcestershire. WR12 7QF.

Telephone;+ 44 (0) 1386 853 338.


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