Autosleeper Corinium

The Autosleeper Corinium is made in Willersey, near Broadway, in the Cotswolds, in the UK. Building quality coach built motorhomes on AL KO chassis. So, there are 3 models to choose from.

  1. Autosleeper Corinium FB.
  2. Autosleeper Corinium RB.
  3. Autosleeper Corinium Duo.

Autosleeper Corinium FB

So, here we have the Autosleeper Corinium with the very elegant new look Peugeot cab. So, this could well become a star motorhome.

  • sleek lines, you see why it is getting the attention.
  • excellent features as with any new Autosleeper.
  • designs have the customer in mind.

Outstanding Designs and Layouts

Thus, with a new Autosleeper Peugeot that has the AL-KO Foundations. Hence, this is going to have a 2.35 m external body width. There is no doubt this will provide the ultimate coachbuilt motorhomes. From the Autosleeper stable, this is going to be a pure pedigree.

So, if ever there was a one horse race Corinium looks to have good form. Also, with all the hallmarks of success. Certainly something customers have been looking for.

AL KP Chassis

Thus, the Autosleeper Corinium is on the Peugeot chassis. Also, having the new Euro 6 engine with the AdBlue technology. In addition, with the optional upgrade to the chassis.

Also, the Autosleeper Corinium has grade 3 thermally insulation. With the full Peugeot driving aid package and premium packs.

Autosleeper Corinium RB

Thus, enhancing winter use with the ESP with active skid control. In addition to the ABS braking and optional day running lights. With the option of a Fiat package with cab and comfort matic automatic gearbox.

Also, the cruise control makes the Autosleeper Corinium an enjoyable experience to drive.

Autosleeper Corinium FB

The Autosleeper Corinium FB makes the most of the AL KO chassis with the fixed bed providing an excellent bedroom. Along, with combining the other key features especially, the kitchen that is typically Autosleeper.

With the premium pack option providing an even higher specification Corinium FB remains an excellent choice.

Autosleeper Corinium Coachbuilt

In fact, stylish in appearance, with excellent airy interiors and really quality fittings. Also, anyone in the market for a luxury coach built motorhome. Consider making an appointment for a test drive in one right away.

Autosleeper Corinium Duo

Thus, this is bound to create huge interest to both from new and existing Autosleeper owners. Also, Peugeot coachbuilt owners as well. In fact, there appears huge interest in this very special motorhome. Also, AL-KO leading chassis manufacturers and designs.

Luxury Coachbuilts

So here we have an AL-KO leading chassis manufacturer. Thus, now being in use in the new Autosleeper Corinium range of coach built Peugeots. Also, AL-KO is at the forefront of motorhome chassis since 1979. Manufacturing in Germany, England, France and Italy.

In fact, AL-KO works with Fiat, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Renault and Vauxhall. Also, they engineer a lightweight low-height chassis that are perfectly for motorhome use.

Autosleeper Corinium

AL KO Chassis Video

Autosleeper Video

Auto Sleepers Ltd. Orchard Works, Willersey, Near Broadway, Worcestershire. WR12 7QF.

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