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Our services are to support customers selling Auto Sleeper motorhomes and campervans. Maybe, the word basic listing is a little understatement. So, when you set out to sell an Auto Sleeper motorhome or campervan describing the specification is important. Also, getting as much information about your vehicle is a real must. So, we provide a simple select of features that your vehicle may have on it. In addition, we accept 3 good images that are added to the listing. One main image and two inside images.

Pay for our services via PAY PAL.

SEO listing. We provide SEO services to help your listing with content writing and keyword selection. This involves us taking your basic listing and adding value to help it to be found. You may have the most desirable motorhome at a good price. However, it is not the listing, it is the “search” that finds it that is important. Also, how and who finds it and what they want to know about your motorhome or campervan. SEO listings are £100 plus vat total £120.00 per listing.

Social media listings. We take the SEO listing and place it on our social media platforms @usedmotorhomesforsale at Facebook and our Twitter page. In fact, social media is growing and we know how to use it and how import it is to use the promotional value. We use every aspect of our social media to promote your listings. We look to provide other shares and likes to your listing with us. Social media listing we charge £200 plus vat total £240.00 per listing.

Consultancy 20 for an Auto Sleeper motorhomes dealer. This provides assistance to enhance sales and we look after vehicle listings up to a maximum of 30 adverts per month. We do everything in setting up to promote the listings. As with all our services they are to ease the motorhome marketing costs. We take the information of the vehicles via email (images supplied by the customer). We write the content with SEO and keyword selection. Placing the listings on our website and social media platforms. This is for busy dealers who need that service to add value. Our aim with this service is to build a vendor profile that our readers can trust. Consultancy 20 services we charge £1,150 plus vat total £1,380.00 per month.

Private Auto Sleeper motorhome sellers. To support private Auto Sleeper sellers we offer a full range of services. So, we take your basic listings and carry out content writing to help enhance the SEO side of your listing. When we have the content correct we focus on the images you are allowed 3 per vehicle. If you have a video of the vehicle on You Tube we can embed that into the listing as well. We try to ensure that when we have the basics in place that we then promote on our social media pages. Private sellers listing we charge £200 plus vat total £240.00 per listing.

We believe in social media being a great set of tools to help grow our portal and business. So, we have set our Facebook page to help sell motorhomes and campervans. Thus, it automatically feeds our twitter pages and displays on our front page. We have added the Auto-Sleeper you tube page as a link so you can see the Auto Sleeper videos.


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So, to find out more about motorhome Insurance and motorhome finance. Just go online and use the quotezone compare website. In fact, they have many leading motorhome insurers  to compare. All who will be able to quote and allow you to compare motorhome insurance. Also, check out motorhome insurance warranties.

So, you may have been looking for just some motorhome advice or just cannot find, what you need to know. That is not a problem, we will always try and help you. If we do not have the answer to the question, we are sure we will know someone who does! Thanks, for all our motorhome dealers who help us find the answers.

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