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Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes

Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes

News from Auto Sleeper 2018 model changes for the 2018 range. See the latest 2018 Auto-Sleeper models. There will be some very nice changes to the 2018 models. With 12, coachbuilts, 3, Autosleeper Corinium ALKO coachbuilts and 7, van conversions. That is including the award winning Autosleeper Symbol and Autosleeper Fairford. As you will see, there is huge choice.

See the 2018 brochure for more information

Download an Auto-Sleeper brochure or look at the latest videos to provide even more information. You are able to take a ride and look inside and see for yourself these motorhomes of excellence.

Changes 2018 Autosleeper Models

  1. GRP (glass reinforced plastic) panels. (Coachbuilt)
  2. New Tracker System. (Coachbuilt).
  3. Habitation Air condition (Mercedes Benz)
  4. New fabrics and pattern designs.
  5. Fiat cab comfort-matic options continues.

Autosleeper Stanton

A really good video of the Auto-Sleeper Stanton. From a simple holiday to a business meeting The video takes you through the Stanton and how the journey has progresses, new innovative ideas. All part of a very British motorhome manufacturer Mercedes Benz range that is highly respected by owners.

Autosleeper Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Luxury Motorhomes. The Mercedes Benz luxury range, will now include Truma habitation air conditioning. Making the specification truly outstanding.

There is the option to not have the air conditioning with a refund and skylite option. Many customers have indicated that they now prefer the efficient air conditioning, instead of an opening skylight.

  • cab air conditioning.
  • habitation air conditioning.
  • premium pack option.
  • cruise control in the premium pack.
  • comes in line with what customers are looking for.
  • a most welcome feature in the luxury range.
  • luxury in an Auto-Sleeper just got even better.

Autosleeper Kingham Video

Take a look at the Autosleeper Kingham video an award winning van conversion. Leading the way in Auto-Sleeper van conversion technology. An ideal proposition for downsizing or using as a second vehicle.

Tracker System

There will also be a new tracker system fitted on all 2018 models, as we will move from the Hal-Locate system. Also, there will be an instruction pack delivered in each unit, to advise you on the simple activation process.

Autosleeper 2018 Brochure and Prices

Welcome to the latest Auto-Sleeper 2018 Brochure price lists, (below) from Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. With some changes mainly to the trim and some key features on the Mercedes Benz and Coachbuilt motorhomes.

This is as ever a very informative brochure and filled with detailed information. We hope you enjoy the online reader.

Autosleeper Broadway Video

The Autosleeper Broadway range are coachbuilt motorhomes built on Peugeot chassis. With a good range of end kitchen models and plenty of options. With a RB and EB being as popular as the EK TB LP model.

Trigano Group

Again we have seen changes and none more so that the acquisition of a controlling interests of (Autosleeper Ltd) the Auto-Sleeper group. This also sees the ownership of Marquis Leisure, the retail arm for many years of Auto-Sleeper motorhomes. Soon to become a Trigano group company.

  • Trigano Group French company.
  • Brand leaders Trigano store.
  • Brand owners across Europe.
  • Motorhomes, caravans, trailers and camping.
  • European brands such as Auto-Trail, Adria and more.

Auto-Sleeper Coachbuilt

On the coachbuilt there is a new rear GRP (glass reinforced plastic) panel. This really does look very attractive and makes the range look very up to date. However, appearances are not everything, compared to the new GRP inner walls. Minor details, however, they do provide key improvements. Also, the price increase that remains very competitive.

Especially, compared to other Fiat and European based competitors.

  • new GRP inner walls.
  • new Casa Mila trim, same makeup as Catalan.
  • a leaf pattern now replaces the stripes.
  • Truma iNet connectivity via Truma App.
  • new tracker, the Trackstar as standard.
  • colour change on graphics – style as current.

Autosleeper History

A really good video about the history of Auto-Sleeper. From a simple family holiday to a business still going strong 56 years later! The video takes you through the beginning and how the journey has progresses. Change of ownerships and new innovative ideas. All part of a very British motorhome manufacturer that is highly respected by owners. Today we find Auto-Sleeper making excellent coachbuilt motorhomes on a Peugeot chassis.

They have an AL KO chassis that supports the Corinium range. On van conversions the Peugeot is the main cab being used. The Fiat option provides the comfort-matic automatic gearbox on both the coachbuilt and van conversion.  Top of the tree, coming out of the Autosleeper factory, is the Mercedes Benz luxury range.

Autosleeper Van Conversions

Whilst many people like the Autosleeper coachbuilt motorhomes, the van conversion is a great alternative choice. The range comes in various size of wheelbases that provides excellent layouts and berths.

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Autosleeper AL KO Chassis

The Autosleeper AL KO chassis provides the platform for the Autosleeper Corinium range. The AL KO chassis provides good options of layouts, because the chassis being longer make a real difference. Combined with the Peugeot cab or with the Fiat comfort-matic gearbox and cab option its a clear winner. The Corinium has won different awards and you can see why. The range provides options that make sense.

Autosleeper Models

Autosleeper have a clear and distinctive look. With outstanding appearance that any owner would appreciate. Ove 56 years of building outstanding coachbuilt motorhomes has stood the test of time.

Auto-Sleeper Fiat Price

There is an additional cost of the Fiat Comfortmatic 150 engine upgrade, which has risen from £2,500 to £4,000. The Fiat option provides the comfortmatic gearbox that is an automatic choice to many customers.

Autosleeper Nuevo

Autosleeper Nuevo has been the small entry coachbuilt, with two Autosleeper models available.  The end kitchen EK model and the ES being popular with its overcab. Providing space for storage or an overcab bed. The Auto-Sleeper 2018 model changes enhance the Nuevo even further.

Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes

Autosleeper Award Winning Motorhomes

Auto Sleeper Van Conversions 2018

Auto-Sleeper van conversions, sees changes, with a new Limewash Oak interior furniture, with a slate edge panel. This is the same style as Verada, which also remains with cream worktops and current flooring.

The Peugeot option provides also to take the Fiat Ducato cab with the comfort-matic automatic gearbox. The key features;

  • there are some cost options.
  • new slate grey laminate
  • carpets/flooring as the current coachbuilt.
  • new sagrada trim makeup as current
  • with a broader stripe panel.
  • truma iNet control
  • connectivity Truma App available.
  • new tracker the Trackstar
  • colour change on graphics – style as current.

Awards for making motorhomes are very competitive and when it comes down winning Autosleeper wins them! The reason for awards is that they have been making motorhomes for over 56 years and experience counts! We see again the Auto-Sleeper 2018 model changes becoming award winners.

Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes

Auto Sleepers Owners Forum

There is a host of information available on the Auto Sleepers owners forum. From does anyone know how to question? To really helpful answers from the group members. Autosleeper owners club and forum members, really will and do help anyone. A quick post and usually you have an instant answer.

Autosleeper Dealers

Most Auto-Sleeper dealers have a good selection of new and used Autosleeper motorhomes for sale online. Some have stock to go and others sell on order. Whatever you are looking for the Autosleeper dealers will help you to find it.

Searches for Autosleepers

Some simple searches that will help you to find Auto-Sleeper information. The Autosleeper Factory is alway available to help and has its own service center as well.

  • autosleeper models
  • autosleeper mercedes
  • autosleeper dealers
  • autosleeper corinium
  • peugeot autosleeper for sale
  • autosleeper for sale ebay
  • auto sleepers owners forum
  • autosleeper symbol

Autosleeper Corinium AL KO Chassis

To appreciate just how good the layouts and berths on the Autosleeper Corinium really are watch the video below. The whole AL KO chassis works so well on the Autosleeper Corinium range.

The Auto-Sleeper 2018 model changes provide that extra wow factor. No doubt the Autosleeper Corinium continues to demonstrate how good it really is. By the fact that it has been well received and is selling well speaks volumes.

The other key option is the Fiat Ducato cab, with the comfort-matic automatic gearbox. This provides the Autosleeper Corinium range with that flexibility, to provide a very smooth transmission and options to be very automatic.

Auto-Sleeper 2018 Model Changes Brochure

Look at the 2018 brochure and price list below. We know that specifications for the 2018 are pretty stable until 2019. The prices are the guide to list prices and if in any doubt contact your Auto-Sleeper dealers.

[pdf-embedder url="http://motorhomescampervans.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/2018-AS-Brochure-WEB.pdf"]
[pdf-embedder url="http://motorhomescampervans.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/2018-Auto-SleeperPricelist_web.pdf"]

Autosleeper Models 2018

Here are links to the ranges of Autosleeper Motorhomes.

Peugeot Coachbuilt

Autosleeper Van Conversions 2018

Here are links to the ranges of Autosleeper Van Conversions.

Peugeot Van Conversions

Autosleeper Mercedes 2018

Here are links to the ranges of Autosleeper Motorhomes.

Mercedes Coachbuilt 

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