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Yes it works well I told you so! Here at motorhomes campervans .net we like to try and be that bit different. So, after 30 years flogging cars we discover motorhomes and as they say the "rest is history"!
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Desperately Seeking Motorhomes

We have customers desperately seeking motorhomes, have you what they want? So, would it not be easier to just come here and tell us what you are looking for?  (Or have for sale). The 2, points here are how to find a motorhome or campervan and quick; 1, to save time, please no more motorhome shows to see! 2, to get a really good price, we are fed up with looking for a bargain! Desperately Seeking Motorhomes Yes, we [...]

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Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Awards

Not 1, but 2, Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Award Winners. So, well done Auto-Sleeper motorhomes, just going from (strength to strength). Now winning with more awards at the NEC motorhomes show. Auto-Sleeper Motorhomes Award Winners Auto-Sleeper won awards for the Auto-Sleeper Fairford, won best van conversion over £55,000. The Auto-Sleeper Broadway EB, won best coach built £55,000 to £65,000. Making this an exceptional motorhome show at the NEC, for Auto-Sleeper and their dealers. Motorhomes of Excellence Dave Williams, Auto-Sleepers sales director pictured [...]

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Motorhome Franchise

OK, what sort of motorhome franchise would you buy a motorhome or campervan from? We were asked what we thought about, 1, a bespoke motorhome dealer and 2, a multi franchised motorhome dealer? We have found that nearly all motorhome dealers, are helpful. In fact, we think there is a reason for that. Because, we believe that selling a motorhome of campervan, is a very special purchase. Motorhome Brokerage So, for example, if you are buying a car, like [...]

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Motorhome Bloggers

Well, they say it takes 1 to know 1, however, what defines a motorhome blogger? Maybe it is that elusion, dreaming of being that hippy who decided to drop out. Alas, your long hair, in the wind, taking off into the sunset, down that pacific highway. Hey man far out, (was i really that hippy)? Having that essential look, with a great looking lady, sitting alongside you, in a pair of those skin tight shorts, white tea shirt and [...]

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Motorhomes UK

So, here are some questions relating to a keyword search term on motorhomes UK? When selecting related keywords on motorhomes UK, it throws up a number of related keywords. Some, related to long and short tail search descriptions! If fact, if you were to use these keywords, some would not relate to motorhomes in the UK. Therefore, as we are always trying to find search terms, that mean what they say on the tin! In a simple search, the [...]

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Defining Motorhome Reviews

Whilst reviewing, some well know magazine reviews, thinking what would be the deciding factor defining motorhome reviews. Just focusing on the details of all sorts of motorhomes and campervans recently. Yes, they were very informative and had some very nice pictures and surprise, surprise they all had reviews of 5 to 5.5 stars. How can they all be rated virtually the same? Could it be that they all seam to have large page adverts in the same magazines. Motorhome [...]

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Motorhomes Online Information

Yes, I think we are seeing a change in the way customers handle the many different strands of motorhomes online information. So, no doubt we are seeing more traffic on our websites. The question is, are we are getting better at providing the right information? On 2, counts we hope so, 1, good information, 2, free information! (and friendly advice). In fact, it would appear that we have entered the age of the Savvy buyers. Motorhomes For Sale Customers [...]

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Motorhome Pollution

Are we guilty of motorhome pollution and therefore polluting the cities and countryside? CAZ ( clean air zones), are going to be eventually rolled out across major conurbations in the UK. This is all part of the cleaner air campaign, following on from the LEZ (low emission zone) campaigns. All must be recognised as a way forward to stop pollution. Hopefully, eventually in its tracks. Top Causes Of Pollution It would appear to be Diesel engines are high on [...]

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Motorhome Potholes

Taking a simple ride in the countryside, proves to now be very challenging, just simply avoiding motorhome potholes. In fact, it is enough to drive you mad! Why have our roads been left in such a state? In fact, avoiding potential motorhome potholes, is down right dangerous. How to Avoid Potholes Simple answer stay at home! Also, you may have sat navigation and even a map of the road. However, potholes are not displayed or even warrant a warning [...]

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Napoleon Or Nelson?

Napoleon or Nelson? Is it a time, to shut up shop and leave the UK, do we turn to Napoleon or Nelson for enlightenment? Once described by Napoleon as a nation of shopkeepers, "L'Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers." what would he describe us as today "a nation of motorhome owners"? I do not think that fits us does it? So, no doubt he would revise that statement, what best does describes us today? Also, [...]

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Motorhome Servicing Tips

All motorhome owners should be big on motorhome servicing tips, there are 2 reasons to consider. 1, safety and 2, safety again! Because, servicing is critically important to safety and reliability. So, if you view this purely as a financial investment, your motorhome will have cost a great deal of money. Therefore, just like any expensive asset, it will make sense to protect it as best as you can. So, by ensuring that it’s regularly serviced, is a way [...]

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Motorhome Storage Tips

So, good motorhome storage tips will not go a miss. Especially, if it is your 1st visit to the motorhome storage place. In fact, before you know it, we are close to going into that motorhome storage for the winter. Thus, it will then soon be Spring and time to get it out again. (the season begins in February) Also, at that point we hear a big "hurray", it is time to enjoy your motorhome again. Secure Motorhome Storage [...]

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Selling Motorhomes

So, that day arrives for selling motorhomes and you decide that selling your motorhome, has got to happen. Maybe, it is just the fact that you really do need a change. (part exchange if buying again) There are 2 questions, 1, how to sell a motorhome privately 2, selling a motorhome where is best? Selling privately may get you a good price! Selling a motorhome from home may not be the best solution. You may have decided to hang up your [...]

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Buying Motorhomes

Buying Motorhomes. Buying motorhomes may be like going swimming in the sea for the first time! Yes, beware of sharks comes to mind. So, are thinking of buying a motorhome for the first time? Because, you may be more than a little concerned, because what if you make a mistake? In fact, many people do just that, choosing the wrong layout or finding that its a bit longer than they thought! Some, even getting home [...]

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