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Here you are able to add motorhomes and start your Auto Sleeper portal listing. When submitted it will come to administration for approval. So, please take your time and fill in all of the details. Auto Sleeper motorhomes usually have a premium packs. So, make a list of your key details before you start. The submission form is simple. Do not worry if you miss a feature. Because, you / we are able go back and edit after submitting a motorhome. Free Basic Listing. Yes, we offer you a Free basic listing, this is the bare bones of information and four images. If you want a more professional listing with full information you will need to see our services page.In the world of SEO then we can really help any dealer to promote on the portal better. Images & Loading Times. You are able to add four images they have to be 484 x 328 in size. One main image, one kitchen, one layout and one habitation image. When you submit your motorhome allow about 25 seconds for it to load. Please tell us when you have sold via email.


Motorhome or campervan details. Image sizes need to be 484 x 328. When submitting allow 30 seconds to load.

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  • Motorhome For Sale description ie Auto-Sleeper Nuevo EK 2009
  • Tell us about your motorhome 300 words if possible. Then follow the form.!
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