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The Auto-Sleeper Portal.

Hello, is this your first visit to the Auto-Sleeper motorhomes campervans portal? Maybe you found us because, are you thinking of a changing to an Auto Sleeper motorhome? So, do we know you? How is that Auto-Sleeper motorhome getting on, is it still in tip top condition? In fact, the Auto-Sleeper portal is for buying or selling Auto Sleeper motorhomes. Therefore, finding information online about Auto-sleepers motorhomes for sale. In fact, there are some great deals to be found from the Auto Sleeper dealer network. So, with sales offers on motorhomes, just stay in touch. Plus, information about servicing, parts, accessories, retro fit and so much more becoming available soon. Also, there are new Auto-Sleeper motorhomes as well as used Auto-Sleeper motorhomes.

motorhomes campervans
motorhomes campervans

Auto-Sleeper Nationwide.

In fact, Auto-Sleeper have a substantial independent dealer network in the UK, Scotland and Wales. Also, this includes Marquis Leisure who are the largest dealer network in the UK. Originally in the ownership of Auto Sleeper, they are now part of the Trigano group. As with the independent dealerships and Marquis Leisure, Auto Sleeper also has two substantial partners. In addition, they have Peugeot and Mercedes Benz providing chassis and vans to convert. In fact, they are available to support on any mechanical warranty and servicing issues. Thus, they do not get much larger that Peugeot and Mercedes Benz. In addition, all of the Auto Sleeper dealers provide support to customers on motorhomes campervans in need of habitation, servicing and any warranty work.


Often referred to as Autosleeper or Autosleepers and even Auto Sleeper there is no doubt that the brand is linked to motorhomes. We know that the main aim of the name is to provide customers with an exceptional motorhome. Lets face it they have a lot of invaluable experience to look back on. So, the real brand name carries a hyphen Auto-Sleeper or Auto-Sleepers. Along with being one of the UK’s leading motorhomes they also carry out some of the finest van conversions on the market. With partners such as Mercedes Benz, Fiat and Peugeot they really do have some outstanding partners and service outlets throughout Europe and beyond.

Auto-Sleeper Dealers.

There is no doubt that behind every Auto-Sleeper sold, lies a good dealer. Auto-Sleeper have a number of independent Auto-Sleeper dealers throughout the UK. They all provide the full sales and after sales services and all seam to be a happy friendly bunch of people. So, with other developments in Germany and now being part of Trigano no doubt more dealers will be appointed at some stage. All will add to the wealth of experience that goes into manufacturing and supplying these great motorhomes.

Auto-Sleeper owners.

There has been an Auto-Sleeper owners club and forum for some time. However, the emergence of the Facebook Autosleepers owner group and our own Facebook used Auto- Sleeper motorhomes for sale has increased the numbers of Auto-Sleeper owners being reached. Both of these Facebook pages carry a wealth of good information for anyone thinking of buying an Auto-Sleeper. Also, for just wanting help or advice many people follow the pages and obtain good feedback on all sorts of Auto-Sleeper topics.