Motorhomes for the disabled motorhome motability do not be confused with our term of motorhome motability. The Car Leasing scheme run by the charity for disabled people. As in our video they do not do motorhomes! Motorhome motability is being used to describe what this is about.

Motorhome Motability.



For this page of information. We refer for reference for ease of description in trying to explain what mobility allowances. Motorhome use is available to a disabled person. The main reason for this page is to help disabled people find up to date information. We have been getting a lot of enquiries about what is available to disabled people. The implementation of VAT exempt status for the genuine disabled persons. The whole industry in the UK in supplying motorhomes. VAT free to the genuine disabled persons has been affected by the clamp down. What determines the adaptations used to assist the disabled person in qualifying to pay no VAT.



We have placed as much information on this page and will add more that is relevant as and when we get more information! We urge anyone claiming VAT free supplies to disabled people. Make sure that they know what is being declared if in doubt contact the VAT helpline in the UK.

Update as at January 28th 2015.

HM Revenue and Customs are now out to


This is due to be finalised in April 2016!

Here are the responses to the consultation

Please also note. If you are purchasing the Motor vehicle on behalf of a disabled wheelchair user. You may be required to provide additional information. Evidence to your supplier to demonstrate this.

To qualify for zero VAT you need to be a wheelchair user

Disabled wheelchair users may be able to buy VAT free!

However HMRC expects suppliers to verify that the vehicle is for:

The domestic or personal use of the disabled wheelchair user. Who is paying for the adapted vehicle? Who will own the adapted vehicle? Who is the registered keeper of the adapted vehicle? Does the family member/carer have another vehicle to  use? Where will the adapted vehicle be kept? Who will use the adapted vehicle? What will the adapted vehicle be used for? How often will the disabled wheelchair user use the vehicle?

What is Available Right Now on Motorhome Motability?

Currently disabled zero vat on a motorhome or campervan. This applies if you are a genuine disabled person using a wheelchair. Providing the Motorhome modified for that disabled person follows the guidelines. It is important that any disabled person understands the rules.

What the disabled customers and contacts are telling us?

Clearly a well designed Motorhome Motability scheme that unlocks all of the issues. Would be very helpful to disabled people. This needs to be simple to use and very easy to access. Online registration and ordering process. Have things that a disabled person needs fitted as standard. So a disabled person can buy a motorhome ready to go! In addition they can upgrade at their own cost if needed. Being able to use the disability allowance effectively. Top up a payment to get the layouts and berths that they need. The current scheme has no restrictions as to how many motorhomes you can have in any one year. Apparently this has been open to abuse with some people just selling them on. Having claimed the VAT back! Clearly these are things that will be addressed in the future.

Feedback from our motorhome shows and contacts.

Most disabled people and contacts say that if they get the right motorhome or campervan they are happy to keep it for about 3 to 4 years. Ease of use is most important for most disabled people. Many simply say that having the right layout and fitted out correctly for the disabled person to use. This is the most important thing that they need.

Dual Purpose Ideal For Motorhome Holidays.

Motorhomes especially van conversions, are ideal to provide both effective daily transport and also provide an ideal vehicle for a disabled person to holiday in! Being independent on holiday being a key factor. Help now if we can we are happy to help you! We have discovered that the current allowances are under review and when this is sorted out we can offer help via the:

Motorhome Concierge Service

Please feel free to let us know now if you are having difficulty and need a hand.We have found that some dealers are not offering the current scheme due to issues with the VAT.

What are my allowances for disability?

Dependent on your circumstances you can get an allowance. If you are disabled and this can also mean an allowance for transport.

Information for disable people allowances

Disability living allowances

Disability act

UK Support Number 0800 220 674

Motorhome motability has restricted use. Motorhome motability provides the mobility for use on social and domestic purposes. You cannot use the motorhome for business or hire or reward. A full VAT consultation is now being investigated. Due to all sorts of different types of claims on motorhome motability:

HM Revenue and Customs are now out to consultation

Here are the responses to the consultation

Look into what all parties involved think. With the view to amend the motorhome motability criteria. Eliminate any abuse of the motorhome motability scheme. Clearly disabled people need to be the ones who benefit from the VAT relief. The sooner the interpretation is clear and happens the better!

Many Motorhome Dealers are very helpful. Not only do they want to sell you a motorhome! It is important in getting the right information. For disable people to take advantage of the VAT free status!

Dealers have faced difficulties from the HMRC.

One motorhome business in the UK was faced with having to pay disputed VAT of over £700,000. Based on sales of motorhomes adapted for use by disabled people! The dealer won a first tier tribunal appeal against the HMRC. A decision to deny them a zero-rating status on motorhomes they had sold to disabled people. HMRC had brought the action on the following grounds. The adaptation made did not help a disabled person to drive the motorhome! The Motorhomes were not designed by the Manufacturers for use by disabled people. The Motorhome Dealer fitted grab handles to the motorhomes to assist access through the side door. Therefore this allowed access for the disabled person up the steps into the habitation area of the motorhome.

“HMRC on the regulations for zero-rating for sales of motorhomes being adapted for use by disabled people and how that should be interpreted”! The adaptation must be to assist the person for whose use of the motorhome enable him or her to use the vehicle. The adaptation should make it possible for the disabled person for entering and – or driving and – or being carried.

Clearly the dealer had followed the HMRC guidelines.

The judge commented that HMRC had been careless in its interpretation of its own guidance notes. No doubt we will see this as a landmark judgement for the time being on motorhome motability!

Many Dealers Await New Clarification.

That will then make things more clearer for a dealer. Hopefully make it easier for a disable person to buy. The VAT currently at 20% is no small amount of money! No VAT is involved this makes motorhomes more affordable!

Vat Information Can be Found on The HMRC website.

Her majesty’s custom and excise website

VAT notice is 701/59. Motor vehicles for disabled people. Find the full details here regarding eligibility.

Helpline number that is the national VAT inquiry line.

UK on 0300 123 1073.

For detailed information put vat 1615

About purchasing Vat zero rated vehicles

For detailed information put vat 1616

What is The Best Disabled Motorhome?

The choice of a vehicle to be used by a disabled person needs some thought depending on individual needs. There are many good specialist converters of disabled vehicles who can advise and help you to get what you need. Things that you need to adapt and have fitted to your motorhome. Again do not worry there are many good dealers who know how to do all of those things for you! Some pointers as what may help disabled people.

High-top panel van conversions are ideal for ease of access. The most important thing is to have a large sliding door. Automatic transmission helps drive with your disability. Cruise control helps assist you if you are a disabled driver. Power assisted steering is now standard on most motorhomes. Manual gearboxes can be adapted using an auto clutch. Wheelchair ramps, grab handles, seat adjustments can be fitted.

Campsites Stay Overs and Motorhome Holidays for the Disabled.

Disabled holiday 4 U

Searching for Motorhome Motability Online.

Searches to find information about motorhome motability:

Motorhomes for disabled

Motorhome Motability

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More Information to Help Disabled Drivers.

Masis- The mobility and sickness information service

Disability driving instructors UK

Please Note the Current Guidelines on Motorhome Motability.

Fully check who qualifies for the status of actual disabled persons.

If you have any doubts contact the UK VAT helpline.